Donald Trump has been in the public eye his entire adult life and has routinely been known to be a self-centered narcissist or perhaps labeled as a tasteless joke – not for nothing, but Comedy Central did host a Donald Trump Roast Event (others who’ve been “Roasted” include Charlie Sheen, Flava Flav, Justin Beiber, etc.). So, one might agree how much Mr. Trump is a piece of American culture as an entertainer of sorts, often saying offensive things, but still a proven leader. Or he is a manipulator?

Bright Limelight or Flashing Red? Spotlight of American Liberty or Cautious Warning?

What makes people believe a trust-funded baby born into wealth knows anything about the realities we live?

First, please allow me to officially announce that the United States of America has finally seen the 2016 Presidential come to a close by electing a man who is a direct representative of the working class, speaking on his many similar experiences (hopefully, you’ve picked up on the sarcasm – because Donald Trump may act tough, but he was probably raised by a group of caretakers, who were beholden to his every demand). What makes people believe a trust-funded baby born into wealth knows anything about the realities we live? Trump does not embody the American Working Class, he embodies a “false consciousness” (an incorrect perception of social reality).

Yes, that is correct. After 8 years and 2 terms with our nation’s first Black President, American citizens have elected a man who has never worked as a politician or public servant ever in his lifetime and this elected official is now the new leader of the Free World. As Americans, we are so hot or cold, big and small, happy or sad – there is no middle ground, no grey area – it’s all or nothing! That why I knew Hillary could never win because Americans have never voted for 3 straight terms for a Democratic President! We used to take the election so seriously and candidates had to be close to perfect in order to gain our approval and trust.

Suddenly. A semi-celebrity starts to use offensive language that most politicians would not ever say. Since all the stories Trump carries on about are typically embellished and exaggerated, but it starts to sound like it’s a full of a form of honesty, due to the fact that our politicians lie so. Donald Trump actually put forth a lot of liberal ideas into his arguments about corruption and the system being fixed – those are liberal ideas that people have been shouting for years but nobody ever wanted to during that movement. What is it about Donald Trump that allows the American people to begin to open their minds about the fact that they’re continuously getting screwed over?

The Shocking Outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

All in all, I want and hope to see Donald Trump to prove the world wrong.

However, I want Trump to prove everyone who thinks of his oversaturated confidence and inflated ego as something to be repulsed or disgusted by and do the opposite instead of doing exactly what all these people may be thinking he might do wrong. All in all, I want and hope to see Donald Trump to prove the world wrong. How truly victorious would it be if Trump were to prove to everyone that even though he acts out of the ordinary and on the complete opposite spectrum of decorum than all the other politicians, which is why people like him now – but if he were able to simply lead in a way which he did not ever reveal that deplorable side of himself as if it was only a campaigning-persona then perhaps we could do some great things and I look forward to seeing how his time in office essentially unfolds before the American people.

Don’t get depressed because if you look at the bright side you’ll see that at least our comedy shows are going to have another dumb President to make fun of again.

Every president who serves his country, moves on from that position as a wiser, stronger, calm, insightful, more compassionate and intellectual always seem to emerge from the job a more mature individual. So, hopefully this is kind of like an intervention for Donald and I’m excited to see his plans for bringing the middle class back to a place of sanity.

For those of you who may be extremely worried as I saw many Clinton supporters with tears running down their cheeks last night. Don’t get depressed because if you look at the bright side you’ll see that at least our comedy shows are going to have another dumb President to make fun of again. That’s one thing you cannot argue too much about Obama – is you didn’t see many comedy sketches that were making fun of his stupidity and lack of wit. If you ever saw a featured comedy skit involving an Obama character, it was just someone doing an comical impersonation of Obama, that’s all – no comedians on open mic night poking fun at his lack of knowledge.

Will the Trump Presidency ever intervene with the severe FDA regulations?

Difficult to believe that it’s been 6 months since the deeming FDA regulations were announced. Nevertheless, throughout this time, we have seen some odd things transpire within the Vape community. For instance, the constant fighting and feuding between Vapers on social media – about anything and everything. Sadly, we have seen a once closely unified community being torn apart from the inside and not very many politicians rose to the occasion except for the bi-partisan Cole-Bishop Amendment. No more than a handful of political officials have shown interest in supporting the vape community. However, one specific Senator whose name is known well by many Vape advocates, that is Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

Ron Johnson is the one active politician in office these past 6 months who actually directly questioned the regulations installed by the FDA.

The one active politician in office these past 6 months who actually directly questioned the regulations installed by the FDA. Being the Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Johnson took it upon himself to personally write Dr. Califf of the FDA three separate times until he finally received a vague response from the FDA claiming that Congress has given them permission to regulate vapor products as tobacco. That was responsible and professional of the FDA to finally respond to the Senator. Yet, Johnson was far from convinced and quickly wrote a response to their initial vague reply.

Given this most recent election, the Vape community was very anxious to lose a powerful ally in the battle against harsh federal regulations. However, was Johnson simply feeling the heat of his failing campaign and thus needed to get behind a social movement or cause led by a decent-sized portion of citizens who can always be trusted to vote? After all, many researchers and historians would tell u politicians are concerned with 3 things: reelection, votes and money. As it has been reported that politicians spend most of their work day in public office, calling donors to ask for contributions for their future campaigns – nearly 50% of their day is devoted to this.

Rumors has it that Trump helped to get Johnson’s campaign headed in the right direction.

Rumor has it that Trump apparently took notice to how badly Ron Johnson was trailing in the polls and from Johnson’s loyalty and support of Trump from day one, Trump helped to get Johnson’s campaign headed in the right direction – which in fact, Johnson who was a huge underdog has been re-elected to the Wisconsin Senate seat. Learn more about Senator Johnson in this 5 piece research series from Vaping Post focused on Johnson his FDA letter-writing campaign he launched.

Although, Mike Pence, the newly elected VP candidate under Trump was the Governor responsible for signing a corrupt bill into state law that would cripple the vapor industry all across Indiana. People who vape swear by trusting in Republicans as our allies, but be weary and careful what you wish for.

Another notable advantage for the vape industry is Trump’s key contributor, Peter Thiel co-founder of Facebook. While many people are stunned Donald Trump won, one person saw it coming, and embraced it wholeheartedly: Peter Thiel is a billionaire thanks to his early investment in Facebook, where he is a board member. He was a co-founder of PayPal, and an investor in a number of technology companies. What is most interesting about this possible beneficial relationship is that just a couple years ago, Theil’s Foundation known as Founder’s Fund, was a key investor with NJOY electronic cigarettes, until his departure from this venture due to NJOY recently filing for Bankruptcy due to the increased costs of the regulations.

Although, Peter Thiel is no longer investing into NJOY, he still has been a key financier in growing the industry of vapor products.

Although, Peter Thiel is no longer investing into NJOY, he still has been a key financier in growing the industry of vapor products. Therefore, if Trump could put Thiel together with Senator Johnson and perhaps adding another political ally and vaper, Congressman Duncan Hunter, that could be a promising transition team for deregulation into a plan that is far more sensible than prohibition.

Trump is in favor of fewer government regulations in most areas, and vapers are worried about e-cigarette regulations,” said V2’s vice president of marketing, Adam Kustin. “This might explain his support. Trump is also backed by California’s Duncan Hunter, known as the ‘vaping congressman,’ which is a key endorsement in the e-cig community.”

When Reality Hits – Trump in the White House

Elections are nothing more than popularity contests – Which I’m sure from organizing and sponsoring all those “Ms. America Pageants,” he’s been waiting for his special day to arrive, so he could fulfill that boyhood dream of becoming “Mr. America.” Absurd, yet merely a reflection of the times we live in today: Trump is a product of everything the American way of life exemplifies: delusional confidence, no moderation, consume not conserve, being self-absorbed with a willing arrogance embodies that American sense of entitlement which brings delusional confidence of feeling “untouchable and all knowing.”

Enthusiasm for this presidency will soon evaporate into a more cynical disillusions just as all Presidential candidates move into the White House and the American public realizes “Oh, they’re just human beings, I thought they were more like superheroes.” I doubt to see much of a change in the situational nightmare scenario surrounding the Vape community. However, there are many key supporters of Trump who have already been instrumental in the vape debate.

Trump Could Perhaps Deregulate or Put a Direct Committee Together to Work with the FDA

Difficult to tell what will transpire and what there will be to expect – currently there are much more questions than there are answers as to what the overall atmosphere will be like when living under a Trump presidency. Especially for all the Vapers looking for some much needed political support.

In all honesty, as much as I hate to admit it, no politician stands to benefit from being an advocate for Vaping. Why do you think it is being regulated so harshly? Not just because the FDA lacks the proper education on how this technology works. Not just because of Democrats always so quick to over-regulate. I hate to admit this, but if Vaping remained unregulated and were thus able to seriously replace traditional combustible cigarettes altogether, then the United States would undoubtedly experience one of its worst economic catastrophes the country has ever known. The Federal and State governments rely on billions in tax revenues to balance their budgets properly.

While I am certainly in agreement that the system is corrupt and “rigged” – I am also in agreement with believing in the faith of the American citizen’s resiliency and integrity. A Swedish Economist named Gunnar Myrdal once wrote in 1944 “The American is opposite of a cynic. He is on average more of a believer and defender in the faith of humanity than the rest of Westerners. It is a relatively important matter to him to be true to his own ideas and carry them out in actual life; as a practical idealist. The ordinary American is a rationalistic being. There are close relations between his moralism and his rationalism.

Trump’s Campaign & Presidency

Throughout his campaign, Trump never once claimed to be a vape industry supporter or advocate during his rallies, but he always claimed to be the voice of the people. He was channeling the message of the American working class populace. Billionaire Real Estate Mogul, Reality TV Show Host, Fraudulent College Founder, Non-Taxpaying, oddly charismatic, manipulative, dangerous. While being all of those things & much more, Trump has also proven to be a rebel, a believer in justice, has the ability to see the big picture, can either predict the future or has just sold his soul to become President. Loudmouth who speaks before he thinks it through, very instinctual, never backs down, as ridiculous of a man that he is at times, he also has some quality that suggests to people that he is a born leader.

An organizer of people, well-connected, relentless, resilient, competitive, confident to the point of being slightly delusional, but this could be considered as a strength given the non-stop insanity it is to be the number one scapegoat in America. Throughout history, Presidents have been blamed for oil spills they had no control over, so Trump better get prepared for all the criticism and to secure his seat of power, perhaps having 9 million U.S. Vapers as your supporters would certainly be a good start. If he deregulates, the Vapers will congregate and show they appreciate.

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7 years ago

Sorry, this started off as more of an attack piece than an article on the regulations affecting the vape industry.

Reply to  Prodius
7 years ago

Perhaps the article was a bit critical at first glance, but if you remain patient with an open-mind and actually read the entire article, you will discover that this is anything but an attack piece. Apologies for Misdirecting your expectations but regardless, as you read, you may notice that what I suggested about some particular Trump loyalists joining forces, have indeed done so. Therefore, this article is a “prediction piece!” Not to mention, some of the statements may seem like “attacks” but they’re literally more like “jokes” – I’m no Liberal nor Conservative. I’m simply American.

Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy reading the entire article this time around.

7 years ago

I would agree that at first glance the beginning of this article did seem biased at the start, but I would never label it as an attack – it was more of a reflection of how the media portrayed the candidate during the campaign. It was meant to be slightly comical or satirical. However, if you read the entire article, the majority of it is all about what Trump could potentially do to help the Independent vape industry escape the vapor product prohibition scandal by the FDA. So you found the one thing you didn’t like about the article at the very beginning and left a comment about that? Why wouldn’t you leave a comment about how the beginning starts out kind of biased but by the end of the article it seems kind of hopeful for us to possibly see a brighter future for the vapor industry? Then again you can show 2 men the same exact thing and they can see something completely different. Regardless thank you for leaving the comment, whether supportive or critical, it’s very much appreciated! Read some more on Vaping Post

William Robb
William Robb
7 years ago

Oh come off it, trump is greed and corruption incarnate.

He may say he wants deregulation but the only deregulation he will do will be to benefit the top 1%. Regulations from the EPA are completely fucked because businesses have to spend money to fufil the existing regulations including many of trumps own businesses and I can’t comprehend anyone believing trump will do things that will cost him money.

Vaping is fucked, big tobacco is losing money to vaping but still have more political and financial power than vaping so trump will suck on the teat of big tobacco as their bribes oops lobbying is going to be above what vaping can offer.

Besides if trump intends on doing any of his vague promises he will need money, he will not increase taxes on the top 1% because that includes trump. He may try to squeeze the already struggling middle class but even as far gone as trump is he must know the middle class is reaching breaking point and he doesn’t want to go down in history as the president that caused a revolution, so he can’t afford to lose the massive tax the government gets from tobacco (paid for by consumers not big tobacco so they don’t mind the tax on tobacco).

Summery vaping is screwed the environment is screwed, we will see more monopolies and that will increase the cost of living because monopolies can charge whatever they damn well please and provide as crappy quality of product as they please, education is also screwed history will be rewritten to suit trump and his Christian supporters, good bye to evolution or say hello to creationism taught to your kids regardless of your wishes (and of the fact it is not a god damn theory not even a hypothesis) because trumps cabinet member incharge of the department of education has publicly stated his intention to destroy the doe he just happens to be a Christian coincidence? The press is also screwed trump live on air refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter saying he is fake news, he’s stated his intentions to make it ridiculously easy to sue for liable even when it is 100% true and not malicious. Like all dictators step 1 is to cripple the press to stop it saying bad things about you, step two is to force the press to say what you want it to say and step 3 is to own your own press and trump has said he will be launching a trump ‘news’ network.

Barnaby Page
Barnaby Page
Reply to  William Robb
7 years ago

By my reckoning tobacco taxes account for around 0.5% of federal income – certainly they’d be missed, and they are important to some states, but their loss wouldn’t bring about economic disaster.

William Robb
William Robb
Reply to  Barnaby Page
7 years ago

I forgot your billion dollar industries don’t pay tax.

Still ‘politicians’ are getting rewards for coming down on vaping hard, there is no other reason for making it illegal to vape until 18 but making it legal to smoke, which is immensely worse for your health than vaping, at 16.

Michael Wujcik
Michael Wujcik
7 years ago

I see some hope again for America and vaping, finally! Go Trump

7 years ago

Your liberal pseudo-intellectual crap is a real turn off.
Go pound salt.