The conference is being organized by consultants and event organizers Smithers Rapra, and will be taking place between the 6th and 7th December, at the Westin Alexandria. This conference is going to provide an excellent platform for science and regulations to merge and be discussed, with the difference that it will focus on regulatory considerations rather than touching on policy and advocacy.

What will be discussed, and by whom?

The event will be hosting a number of renowned speakers, experts in their field such as Patricia I. Kovacevic, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Nicopure Labs LLC, Ian Fearon, Principal Scientist and Head of Clinical Research at British American Tobacco, Rob Burton, Head of Consultancy & Compliance at Nerudia, Michael Siegel, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health, and several others.

On the agenda are a number of topics of interest, all related to the regulations that the vaping industry is having to face. The speakers will be guiding attendees through these by explaining them and what they mean to the businesses, (whether large or small), in detail, and how to best go about them. Amongst the regulations discussed there will naturally be the FDA’s deeming rule, the TDP, the regulatory perspectives for flavours, and several others.

Although everyone with a vested interest in the vaping industry is encouraged to attend, this conference will be of particular interest to those working in the testing, research and public health and public policies sectors.

Why another conference?

In this current harsh environment that the vaping world is facing, Regulations for E-Cigarettes is another opportunity for all interested parties to come together, network, exchange information and update themselves with the latest. It will provide a forum for discussion, and an opportunity for  regulators, industry players and the testing community to assess and find ways to improve the processes of providing the market with high quality vaping products, whilst being compliant with the diverse set of regulations across the board.

For further information or registration details, interested parties are encouraged to check the webpage for Regulations for E-Cigarettes.

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