Rightly so, some may be wondering, “what does ethnographic mean?” Ethnography is quite simple really, it is just a word we are not used to hearing. Furthermore, ethnography is a type of social research method defined as the examination of broad culture sharing behavior among individual groups. Ethnography is often used by Sociologists to conduct qualitative research and that is exactly what we will be participating in.

Goals and objective

The primary objective is to educate the populace with different perspectives than they’re used to hearing or forced to listen to – to create more awareness around what Vaping actually is and how it has grown to represent something very meaningful for all those Vapers who were able to quit smoking. Quite simply, providing an alternative way of thinking for the general public to embrace, much like Vaping provides an alternative to smoking.

A Sociological study, executed through an ethnographic strategy of inquiry within the process of documentary filmmaking could be the most beneficial tool for producing accurate results, when conducting social research on the Vaping lifestyle. In the case of an emotion-stimulating film, it can effectively serve as a tool allowing the ordinary non-Vaping citizen to hear some very real and extremely compelling personal experiences recalled through truthful stories from actual individual vapers. Allowing many to realize that those who represent the Vape community are also those who are simply just ordinary citizens and no different than anyone else.


Essentially, this type of filmmaking approach is indeed a powerful source of communicating information. Ethnographic Films have proven their powerful influence within some of the most effective and more prominent sociological research projects. As a matter of fact, the Social Sciences Research Center at DePaul University has successfully created an outlet for such academic studies. Out of this, the existence of The Journal of Video Ethnography is now a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes the data and findings from selected ethnographic films produced as an exemplary research study.

All in all, this provides students and educators alike to consult these published studies as references for reliable information with published results as credibility. It is absolutely crucial for those in Academia to begin showing more involvement in the research being conducted on the Vaping phenomenon.

Therefore, this sociological research project is designed to accomplish not only the high probability of becoming a published academic study for many to examine and pass along throughout higher education, circulating among students and faculty, but also a tool for creating more awareness about the truthful effects Vaping is having on individuals.


It is my theory and belief that once the majority of American citizens can gain empathy towards those who are referred to as Vapers, simply from watching a collection of individually recorded interviews discussing how exceptionally life-changing the act of Vaping can be for other human lives, it is at that time that we will begin to see more acceptance from society. Establishing more approval from the general public should be Vaping advocates number one priority.


Most Vapers are, more often than not, former tobacco-cigarette-abusers. Yet, switching to a Vaping lifestyle has deeply influenced their positive transformations into an ex-smoker previously plagued by the health complications brought on by inhaling combustible tobacco. Clearly, the health complications caused by smoking tobacco products are debilitating to a person’s overall well-being and through the course of switching to vapor products, those who Vape can easily be seen as evidence to what is factual. With this film, perhaps it could assist in allowing those who do not Vape to see the situation in a more positive light.

The research project via documentary filmmaking should be finalized by Spring 2017. In the meantime, stay up-to-date by visiting our new site:

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