In the United States, 12 years of age or older have been surveyed in this time frame and several questions have been addressed to establish a portrait of tobacco use in the US population covering:

  • Tobacco use according to product type and use category,
  • Tobacco use according to product type and demographic subgroup,
  • Prevalence of multiple product and single product use,

The results show that use of multiple tobacco products is common for 40% of Americans, adults and youths alike. The combination of cigarettes plus e-cigarettes was the most popular situation among the 45,971 adult and youth participants (≥12 years of age).

In the previous 30 days:

  • 27.6% of adults were current users of at least one type of tobacco product,
    • 8.9% of youths (12-17 years old),
  • 18.1 % of adults had smoked cigarettes,
    • 4.6% of youths (12-17 years old),
    • 8% of youths (15-17 years old),
  • 5.5% of adults had used e-cigarettes,
    • 3.1% of youths (12-17 years old),
    • 5.3% of youths (15-17 years old).

Everyday use of a tobacco product:

  • 19.7% of adults said they used at least one type of tobacco product every day,
    • 1,6% of youths (12-17 years old),
  • 16% of adults said they smoked cigarettes,
    • 0,9% of youths (12-17 years old),
    • 1,7% of youths (15-17 years old),
  • 0,9% of adults said they used e-cigarettes,
    • 0,2% of youths (12-17 years old),
    • 0,3% of youths (15-17 years old).

How does this compare to national surveys?

The baseline estimates produced by the PATH study, a study designed as a cohort study, allow the researchers to compare their results with national surveys for the same period. An overall convergence was found for smoking prevalence. In contrast, higher prevalence (5.5%) was found here compared to the NAT survey (3.3%) that, according to the authors, could be attributed to the formulation of the questions.

Kasza, K. A., Ambrose, B. K., Conway, K. P., Borek, N., Taylor, K., Goniewicz, M. L., … & Kaufman, A. R. (2017). Tobacco-Product Use by Adults and Youths in the United States in 2013 and 2014. New England Journal of Medicine, 376(4), 342-353.

Read a description of the PATH study:

PATH Study: A survey of Ecig use in the US


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