Millions of long-term smokers have developed diseases that have caused them to die early. It is well understood that these diseases are caused almost exclusively by inhaling smoke. Vapor products, commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, do not burn tobacco or any other material, and so do not produce the smoke that causes smoking related diseases.

– How an e-cigarette works.
– Vapor products are an alternative, low-risk product.
– Many use vapor products exclusively and others smoke far fewer cigarettes.
– Vapor products can be effective in helping people stop smoking completely.
– Best estimates suggest that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes.
– Vaping is a clean source of nicotine absent most of the toxic chemicals found in smoke.
– No known harms to bystanders from inhaling secondhand vapor.
– There is zero evidence that nicotine causes cancer.
– Isn’t nicotine addictive?
– Vapor products are a less-risky alternative to the death and disease caused by combusted cigarettes.


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Brian L. Carter, PHD
Director of Scientific Communications
Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives

Christopher Russell, PH.D.
Centre for Substance Use Research, Scotland

Cynthia Cabrera
The Cating Group

Hometown Hero


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7 years ago

Brilliant! This is an extremely effective tool to pass on the actual facts that the opposition is attempting to essentially bury! However, I must say, this video is LONG OVERDUE…perhaps this could have been made at least a year ago. Although I’m fully aware of all the scientific research that has been conducted within this past year, these same messages still could have been communicated some time ago. Every vaper out there should be sharing these videos with everyone they know! Great Topic! I’d love to see more and more documentary films on vaping be produced – like “Beyond The Cloud” gaining an even wider audience. Not to mention, the long-awaited “Who Are The Vapers? Documentary should be released in the Summer of 2017.

Ocram Immorto
Ocram Immorto
7 years ago

What does the other 4% of risk include?

Vaping Post
Vaping Post
Reply to  Ocram Immorto
7 years ago

Exposure to small amounts of volatil organic compounds (VOCs) like aldehydes for which concentration in vapor may strongly vary depending on user’s behaviour and device’s configuration (quality of e-liquid, wattage, puff duration, coil age, etc.)