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Research Looking into Media Coverage of E-Cigarette News

The study authors searched Access World News and Factiva databases for e-cigarette-related news articles appearing in the top 30 circulating newspapers, 4 newswires, and...

A video to explain “Facts about Vaping”

Millions of long-term smokers have developed diseases that have caused them to die early. It is well understood that these diseases are caused almost...

The Vaping Post nominated for a vaping online community award

The VapingPost is nominated by ShoreDitch for a vaping online community award.The organization recalls that nominees are all independent non-retail affiliated websites. Make you vote here until...

Reporting on scientific publications, what to expect for 2017?

An article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal explores the way scientific information is conveyed to the public by the media. The authors notice the...

Misleading news about vaping based on reheated discoveries

A comparative study of vapers ans smokers was carried out by a Greek team of researchers and addresses the issues of aortic stiffness and...