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At this juncture, for the majority of veteran vapers, it may be quite accurate to assume that any one vaper certainly has  2,3 or 5 separate dual or triple battery mods. How many do you own? Perhaps you have more than 5 of these multi-battery devices – that is an example of impressive dedication! Often times, these 18650 battery storage devices have been considered to be too much for more than a handful and not such a comfy-feel as a pocket accessory.

Though, the vape industry always hears their consumers voices, so many of these multi-battery mods have been sent through a transitional procedure of imaginative re-invention, creating sleeker designs with an ease of use added to the overall grip.

Regardless, this industry is once again proving to the world why it is a leader of Innovation and a technological manifestation of the modern era – as if the leaders of the vapor-sphere feel the pressure from illogical legislation being passed throughout the world, they have made it a primary goal to show the world that this lifestyle belongs here, and is here to stay.

As our free market economy and government officials attempt to engage in disproving the obvious efficiency of the harm reduction properties vapor products have to offer, more and more product are being innovated, designed, then mass produced and consumed, businesses have simultaneously collaborated and now professionally graduated as industrial leaders.

Tarot Nano Mod

All things considered, the industrial innovation and professional design was certainly emulated in the production of Vaporesso’s new Tarot Nano Mod. This “mini-mod,” as many in the vape community would most likely refer to it as, is quite deceiving due to it’s size, yet it is undoubtedly an impressive mod – in simpler terms there is nothing “mini” about this device. In short, the actual tagline is “Small…Big!”  At first glance, it would be very easy to assume this device would not live up to the 80W point in which it claims to reach. Yet, after using this device, you will experience a very satisfying 80W of powerful delicious flavor.

Tarot Nano Mod Specs

  • Output Wattage: 5w to 80w
  • Suitable atomizer: 0.05 – 5 ohm
  • Temperature Range: 100C’-315C’/280F’-600F’
  • Battery Cell: 2500mah Built In Battery
  • Dimensions: 69X38X22.5mm
  • Casting: Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy and Carbon Fiber
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Display: 0.91′ OLED
  • Standby Current: <35A
  • Voltage Range: 0 – 8.5 v
  • Output mode: Smart VW/VT(Ni200, SS, Ti, TCR) BYPASS, CCW, CCT


Absolutely, a quick-hitter! Well, depending on the vast array of choices you have when choosing the amount of power you might prefer during your Vaping experience. These options are largely due to the presence of one of the most advanced chips featured in a vapor device that we have seen to-date.

Equipped with all the omniboard chip functions, there are two words that come to mind, a versatile and powerful mod. Understandably so, omniboard or not, this particular mod may be too small for some Vapers, while perhaps too powerful for others.

However, it comes down to preference, especially after carrying around multi 18650 battery devices, often times, something a little bit more compact seems like a nice change of pace and much more accessible.

Another key advantage to this Nano Mod made by Vaporesso is the fact that the USB charging port is not located on the bottom. But it is located on the back side of the mod, allowing to remain standing upright while charging.

Vaporesso ensured to design their smaller version of that original larger-sized initial Tarot Mod by installing these key features: Waterproofing board, USB adaptable, Ergonomically designed with several colors to choose from and Updatable and fully customizable firmware, yet the most impressive portion to this nano mod is most definitely the “OMNI-Board” Capabilities.

OMNI Board Details

This OMNI Board is the most advanced comprehensive program ever seen in a nano Device – undoubtedly, the first of it’s kind. Vaporesso offers this advancement program in not one other of their premium mods.

The advantages of the OMNI Board are vast, supplying the consumer with a user-friendly customizable performance, while also allowing science to make a clever statement through the innovative “features” – especially on safety precautions, which consist of these protective features:

  • low voltage protection
  • output short circuit protection
  • low resistance protection
  • current protection
  • anti-loaded battery protection
  • overheating protection
  • timeout protection
  • load protection

The OMNI Board will supply 6 output modes: (1) Smart VW (2) CCW (3) VT {Ni200/SS/Ti} (4) CCT (5) TCR (6) Bypass. These modes are operable for nearly any type of coil, meaning it is compatible with any sub-ohm tank that you may be wanting to try fitting onto the compact-sized Tarot Nano Mod.

The second feature as well as the fourth featured mode you will be offered are unique in many ways. Yet first place break down what these letters represent. Customized curve of temperature is CCT and customized curve of wattage is CCW. Therefore the user has an option to start off the first second of the vapor intake process with a lower setting in which then as time passes the temperature or wattage raises to your preferred setting, which then allows the ending portion of the vapor intake to lower back down in temperature and wattage once again – thus, creating a curvature in your Vaping experience.

In Smart VW mode, this advanced chip immediately recognizes the ohm level and provides the safest and most satisfying wattage level, no matter what tank you put on. However, this is but only one of the features that the Omni board offers which is considered the smart variable wattage mode signified by “S” in the bottom right hand corner on the OLED screen.

In addition, the multi-protection functions have also been specifically tailored for maximum battery life – even though there is only a 2500mAh internal battery, these protective features allow the power to last longer than one might expect. The dedicated software would guarantee that your mod stays up-to-date and can easily be used to customize the user experience.

Vaporesso explains how all of these features were crafted precisely down to every tiny detail, approaching their design process in such a way where they could accurately communicate one of the many motivational catchy mottos for the Tarot Nano – “master of your mod”.

Altogether, the Tarot Nano Mod OMNI board, as the most advanced personal vaporizer board available, is set to upgrade your overall experience of Vaping further into the future. A continuation of the excellent industrial progress from the professional business practices that have yet to let the community down – innovation allowing for eloquently designed products merely seeking perfection.


  • Some vapers may not prefer their mod device to be so compact, even though it is quite enjoyable, many Vapers prefer a larger device.
  • Other vapers may not be too keen on the concept of an internalized 2500mAh battery, it is common for many enthusiasts to prefer using removable batteries
  • Perhaps, some may not care for all the mode options offered by the “OMNI Board” – some may prefer to keep it simple.
  • Even though the Omni board is also responsible for providing countless safety precautions, it may create some challenges for Vapers who do not care much for the advanced customization settings, viewing these features as unnecessary extra work or complexities

Vaping in Denver

Essentially, I merely stumbled upon this groundbreaking technology during a random visit to a legendary establishment. Initially, I stopped in this particular shop to buy some coils, then The enthusiastic staff members could not resist showcasing this product. Just barely over $40 later, the Tarot Nano was officially my new favorite mod I owned. Taking this into account, the Tarot Nano Kit can be bought on this shop’s website for a generous price.

Purchasing the Tarot Nano from the independent local Denver shop, Vaporleaf, was one of the best decisions I could have made. Vaporleaf is also the second indie Vape shop to open for business in the entire state of Colorado. Throughout the Denver area, I still hear tales of the old days when in 2012, Vaporleaf was the only shop available to the entire city’s vapor product consumers – there were literally lines of customers wrapped around the block along with 2 to 3 hours of waiting time attached.

Furthermore, now there is at least one shop nearly every mile along the same street where Vaporleaf sparked the evolution of Denver’s Vape revolution. This is extremely significant to reflect on because what this one local vape shop did for the Denver area Vaping population is exactly what the Vaporesso brand is doing for the Vape industry: “Specialize, Standardize, Revolutionize, Evolutionize, Familiarize, Capitalize, allowing a contemporary lifestyle to Rise through Compromise.”

Vaporesso has provided the Vapers of the world with a chance to live during a time when Vaping was steadily redefined. Refining our understanding of how vapor devices should be made and why Vaping, in general, will not be intimidated by the global vapor opposition.

The Tarot Nano proves to be one of the primary catalysts for impressive progress through continued innovation resulting in industrial growth and market appeal – a technical approach as an effective response campaign favoring a strange devaporization initiative aggressively pushed by biased bureaucrats and backed by the 21st-century aristocrats.


Overall, the Tarot Nano Mod may very well become the industry standard. That is, until, this innovative industry will progress further past the imaginative features of the Tarot Nano OMNIboard. The innovative spirit of the vapor industry allows manufacturers to increase the availability of safety features this device carries with it.

This nano mod is both “smartguarded” and safeguarded – one of the very best in quality on the market today. Vaporesso states that the Tarot Nano offers the most advanced Omni boards ever created – literally said to be unparalleled by any other device manufacturer. Clearly the OMNI board is what sets the tarot nano mod apart from the rest of the competition.

It is reassuring, as a vaper, to know the industry is taking charge, trying to determine it’s fate by doing what it has continued to do for their customers. Now, with an unrelenting innovative spirit and a strong focus on safety enhancements,

In hindsight, Vaporesso’s creation of the Tarot Nano Mod ultimately forces us all to focus and reflect on the extreme importance of discovering even more new ways for consumers to have their safety treated as a necessary element to factor in when innovatively designing vapor devices. Addresses the relevance of precautionary measures while using vapor devices – we find a new kind of hopeful energy for the future of Vaping, thanks to the Tarot Nano Mod.

Honorable Mention

(cCell Ceramic Coils) : While this review focuses on the Tarot Nano Mod itself, Vaporesso also offers this style of mod in a kit version. In reference to the Tarot Nano Kit, in full, it is accompanied by the Veco Tank. It is a top-airflow ECO Universal Coil Tank additionally including some specialized ceramic coils, in which was a similar approach when they included another universal ceramic coil for Vaporesso’s uniquely shaped, single-battery, 75W Target Pro Kit’s flavor-rich sub-ohm tank.

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tarot-nano-mod-reviewAltogether, the Tarot Nano Mod OMNI board, as the most advanced personal vaporizer board available, is set to upgrade your overall experience of Vaping further into the future.
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Cameron Mewsalim
Cameron Mewsalim
5 years ago

I’ve just got my Tarot Nano by Vaperesso. I’ve been using the old pen-style e-cigarettes for about a year. I quit smoking tobacco with the help of these devices. I knew very little about vaping. These simple, old-fashioned devices were eating up my cash from replacing clearomisers and having to buy new batteries often. I finally found a vaping store and the nice guy there put me onto this little beast. I can’t believe the difference! You can imagine a vaping neophyte’s reaction to the Tarot Nano. I use ceramic coils. It’s an amazing little device. I’ve not yet used all the features but my vaping experience has improved so much. I love this thing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable, powerful vape in a small package. I’m not too experienced but I’d give it 5/5 after the crappy, disposable e-cigs I was used to. I’m using less nicotine liquid too. Great!

4 years ago

When I first purchased my first Tarot Nano I would have completely agreed with you. I am now the proud owner of 2 very nice Tarot Nanos that were wonderful devises for about 5 -6 months each. Both have the exact same problem. The switch goes bad. I contacted Vaporesso when the first quick working. It took a while, but after alot of disappointing emails, they offered a discount at their partner retailer to purchase another one. Unfortunately their partner’s price was so high, that even with the 40% discount they were higher than I could buy elsewhere. I really liked my nano, so I was dumb enough to purchase another. Well, couple of months latter ( after warranty has expired, of course) the new does the same exact thing as the last one.
These are great little mods, just don’t expect them to hold up. Vaporesso does not stand behind their products. Customer service was useless and extremely difficult. Both times fell back to my cool fire IV that I’ve had for 2 years and works every time.