Dear President Trump,

I urge you to immediately order the Food and Drug Administration to cease and desist any and all activity involving “regulation” of e-cigarettes by classifying them “tobacco”.

The decision by the FDA to deem these non-tobacco products as “tobacco” is not about health. The decision, disguised as regulations, are made up for individual state’s fiscal irresponsibility in order to recoup losses incurred with the Master Settlement Agreement.

The fight by health groups, government agencies, politicians, tobacco control and pharmaceutical interests have given way to the demise of small business and the detriment of public health.

They all, including Mitch Zeller, (your) current Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, and current Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, have ignored this report from Royal College of Physicians who had it in his HANDS. Also being ignored is the world famous Public Health England. They all have ignored research, science and common sense.

I want to know WHY.

Acting with no accountability, these arbitrary and capricious actions encompass “officials” – claiming they are acting in the care and custody of public health. They have wasted more than eight years and taxpayers money only to manipulate public opinion. I, as a consumer can show and dismantle every claim in one day.

I also urge you to focus on health officials, politicians, and tobacco control entities and the legality of their unfounded claims in their efforts to allow restriction and taxation for political, organizational and financial gain in funding of their own agendas.

At the moment, the Cole-Bishop Amendment is the only hope for the United States.

I strongly suggest you peruse the proposal from Clive Bates, David Sweanor of Ottawa University, and Eli Lehrer, President of the R Street Institute with their points briefly highlighted below:

  • Seize the huge opportunity presented by low-risk nicotine products.
  • Cancel the FDA deeming rule before it destroys the U.S. vaping market.
  • Establish a standards-based regime for low-risk nicotine products.
  • Use new labels to inform consumers about relative risk.
  • Stop using the public health test to protect the cigarette trade.
  • Restore honesty and candor to public-health campaigns.
  • Refocus tobacco science on the public interest, not bureaucratic expansion.
  • Challenge vapor and smokeless prohibitions under World Trade Organization rules.


Here is that in full:

Eight tobacco harm reduction proposals for the federal government

There ARE organizations more than willing to be contacted here:


I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter.

Kevin S. Crowley


Are vapers hopeful about Trump?

Many have been suggesting that being anti-establishment and in favour of the free market, Trump is perhaps more likely than anyone else to take a stand and repeal the regulations imposed by the FDA. Additionally his choice of Supreme Court Justice, Judge Neil Gorsuch, is known to entirely oppose the highly partisan implementation of the ‘Chevron Doctrine’, a motion set in place in 1984 which dictates that courts are supposed to yield to federal government agencies when it comes to unclear or equivocal laws defining their responsibilities. Repealing this motion could obviously save the vaping industry from the tentacles of the FDA.

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Ray P. G.Yeates
Ray P. G.Yeates
5 years ago

A wee but empowering voice in need of echoing from wherever our compassion extends its hand out in aid to those wanting to end the scourge of tobacco smoking. This is mine.

Dear President Trump,

” I urge you to immediately order the Food and Drug Administration to cease and desist any and all activity involving “regulation” of e-cigarettes by classifying them “tobacco”

Thank you.

Ray P. G.Yeates
Ray P. G.Yeates
Reply to  Ray P. G.Yeates
5 years ago

PS Thank you Kevin S. Crowley

5 years ago

Great topic Diane! This was a positive story to learn off while at the same time I was in dissipating the mention of my previous published article today about the Chevron Doctrine- which was the supreme court ruling in 1984 they gave unfettered access of unchecked power to it was government agencies listening the burdens of responsibility for individual Congress members . However with the introduction of the regularatory accountability act this proposed piece of legislation was designed to weaken regulations and strengthen small business therefore I must urge every single consumer of any vapor product whatsoever to go to Google and type in the letters: “R E I N S” in order to familiarize yourself with this amazing bill that is basically the Heaven scent legislative document angels like savior for the vapor industry in the United States. All I see is people talking about the call Bishop amendment and the so-called grandfather dater predicate date however that’s still extremely restrictive to except that piece of legislation by call Bishop which is very commendable and hopeful and helpful yet we need to continually keep pushing this illumination of the Chevron difference and the passage in signing into law the regulatory accountability act it will be a godsend for a number of industries namely the vapor industry – vapers will not lose – we are the future – oppressors step aside. There will certainly be much information for anyone to research about this proposed legislation and what it means for our industry and community because I will be regularly updating you as much as I can throughout these next couple months because this is the key to salvation it’s our manifestation of been ultimately freed from the shackles of regulatory overreach by an elected government officials which is practically a socialist type of governance that a democracy has no part in participating.

Altogether this was a great article to read by Diane and this has officially kick started our digital campaign to educate the community about the legislative proposal that is largely in vapor’s favor more than anything we’ve ever seen since May 5, 2016! we can return to finally looking at the date on the calendar as a celebratory Sinco DiMaio binge drinking Corona type of day rather than a sad state of affairs by the oppression of our own government on The American people. Thank you for linking my article about a topic I wrote about today that I never heard of until two weeks ago when my brother-in-law a partner at his law firm told me to Google Chevron Deference so if this works and we continue to inform people about it and stressed the importance of continually forcing our legislators to listen! Never before has there been any higher priority for us to all focus on every single website every single magazine every single Vape in publication must come together as one and promote these letters together sold him out loud same with me “R E I N S!” Manifest destiny has arrived we shall be victorious, forever glorious….until next time, stay gorgeous!

5 years ago

Maybe we could all write letters to Trump. As this one letter is very empowering and commendable will one letter really change anything? What if all the millions of vapors in the US sent letters? That might get his attention. Regardless it would be this one Initial letter that started it all so we must remember to thank Kevin Crowley from OH. I believe what’s missing in our advocating for vapor products movement is a gratefulness for those who make sacrifices, of course many of the trade organizations, but also individuals like Kevin Crowley – we need to reach out as advocates and thank him. Anyone else agree? Perhaps we should launch a campaign for every weber to write a letter using proof, evidence and logic to support our claims which are typically much closer to the truth then the agency that is implementing prohibition .