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Bô One is a very compact vaporizer made of anthracite ceramic and elaborated as a stand-alone Pod system. With a length of 10 cm and a width of 0.9 cm, it only weights 22 g. The internal battery sustains 3.7 V with a capacity of 380 mAh. Inside Bô Caps, on finds a stainless steel resistance coil of about 1.8 Ω that powers the vaporizer around 7.6 W. This electronic cigarette is rechargeable via a magnetic USB holder included in the starter kit. Very well finished, J Well also proposes a USB cable for “only” € 7.90. It is a shame that Bô One is not equipped with a classical micro USB plug, like most of the boxes.


On the side of the battery, a led indicates the remaining charge of the battery: White=full, Blue=half and Red when Bô One needs charging. In charge, the LED blinks in white and stops blicking when the maximum level is attained. On one side, a little hole of about 1 mm diameter corresponds to the air inlet. Such a very tight vaping style is particularly convenient to smokers who want to switch to vaping.

Bô Caps in three nicotine strengths

The e-liquid is contained in Bô Caps, sealed pods of a capacity of 1.5 ml. Three nicotine strengths are available: 0, 8 and 16 mg/ml. Twelve flavors are proposed (Tobacco, Fruity, Greedy and Menthol) and guaranteed free of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. The price for a pack of three does not exceed € 6.90.

Technical review

The main features of J Well’s Bô One are:

  • Height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 22 g
  • Built-in battery: 380 mAh
  • E-liqui capacity: 1,5 ml
  • Material: Ceramic coating
  • Connectivity: magnetic

The pack contains:

  • 1x Bô One vaporizer
  • 2x Bô Caps
  • 1x USB magnetic charger
  • 1x User manual

Very good flavors for a Pod system


The pack came with two flavors, MI5 (classical tobacco) and Artical (cool mint) in 8 mg/ml. Used to a strength of 3 mg/ml, I found the hit rather soft, probably because of the high resistance value compared to the actual market. Hard smokers will have to turn to highest nicotine strength, 16 mg/ml, to appreciate Bô One.

Rendering of flavors is, against all odds, agreeably surprising for a Pod system. Cool mint is refreshing and the tobacco flavor is pleasant although this taste is tricky to reproduce. There is only one little imperfection, the Pods are seeping.

A good user experience


Designed for smokers who want to switch to vaping, Bô One is very appealing. Compact format and lightweight allow the user to take it everywhere he wants. In addition, the gesture of smoking is kept, which may facilitate the transition towards vaping. The tight draught is mimicking that of a combustible cigarette. Compared to competitors like the Vype Pebble, the rendering of flavors is excellent.

With only 3.7 V for a resistance of 1.8 Ω, the Bô One is logically very sober in terms of juice consumption. Using it reasonably, one Bô Cap lasted about the day. Although indicative because each vaper has his/her own habits, the result reinforces the sobriety of Bô One. The battery is also doing a good job despite a capacity of only 380 mAh. For those who may want something more powerful, J Well proposes the Bô Power, a charging station that allows up to 4 recharges with its 1500 mAh.

Available at tobacconists’ and in J Well’s stores


Contrary to other products by J Well, Bô One is not only sold in J Well stores but also at tobacconists’. We shall leave it up to readers to form his/her own opinion about this distribution channel. If it appears positive that smokers have access to such harm reduction products where they were use to get their cigarette, some will probably regret that it is not available in vape shops.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Ultra-compact
  • Ultra-light
  • Easy to use
  • Easy Pod replacement
  • Good rendering of flavors
  • Satisfying vapor volume
  • Low liquid consumption

The “-“:

  • Light seepage at the level of the Pods
  • Disposable Pod system not ecological
  • Only three nicotine strength foreach flavor
  • Recharge with proprietary connection


Rating of 4,5/5. J Well’s Bô One is a surprising vaporizer. The vaping quality it offers (volume of vapor, rendering of flavors, nicotine hit) is attractive with regard to the compactness of the hardware. Well designed, stand alone and easy to use, it has the assets to become a first choice for smokers who want to try vaping. I only regret that all the elements are proprietary.



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