4.6% of Bulgarians are vaping

Business intelligence office published data provided by the Ministry of Health. The report says that 4.6% of Bulgarians are daily vapers (4.9% of males and 4.3% of women). In other words, one out of twenty persons is using an e-cigarette daily and 13.2% of Bulgarians declared they already tried the e-cigarette.

Amon vapers, 42.8% use the e-cigarette indoors, where smoking is forbidden. They are 22.5% to consider the e-cigarette as a smoking withdrawal tool while 11.8% switched from smoking because they believe the e-cigarette is less harmful than combustible tobacco.

In Bulgaria, a country of seven millions of inhabitants, vaping prevalence is higher than in the UK, where 3.6% of Britons are daily smokers.

31.4% are daily smokers

This figure is to put in relation with smoking prevalence. With 31.4% of daily smokers, Bulgaria is recording of of the highest smoking prevalence rates in Europe, according to the report dedicated to the health of Bulgarians. According to the Eurobarometer 2015, Bulgaria is preceded by Greece for this criterion.

The popularity of the e-cigarette can be explained by a regulatory framework where the e-cigarette has fewer constraints compared to other tobacco products.

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Thepara Founder
Thepara Founder
6 years ago

According to BulgarianVapers http://bulgarianvapers.eu/en/ analysis, the percentage of daily smokers is 40% and only two 2% Bulgarian people are daily vapers.