Last year, for the organization of the 1st Vape Summit held in Paris on May 9, SOVAPE had recourse to crowdfunding. An operation that demonstrated the generosity and the implication of the vaping community. The reward for organizers has been a frank success with many issues fixed during the event, hands shaken, and an overall increase of visibility of vapers’ concerns in governmental discussions. It has been decided, among significant advances, to hold quarterly meetings of the

“Help us act” – Dr J. Le Houezec

The president of SOVAPE, Dr Jacques Le Houezec, recalls that smoking continues to kill 78 000 persons per year, in France. He points out that despite the e-cigarette successfully helps smokers to qui smoking, it is still assimilated by the regulation as a tobacco product. The association is struggling with authorities to provide the vaporizer with a more elegant status since it is “tobacco’s best enemy”.

SOVAPE already made an appointment with the public, researchers, officials, stakeholders, associations and journalists on March 20, 2017 in Paris (CNAM).

Overview of last year’s edition of Paris Vape Summit:

Paris Vape Summit: Ecigs established in harm reduction landscape

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