The NNA was originally set up in the UK by a group of passionate health experts who are dedicated to tobacco harm reduction and the promotion of public health. Since the organization first opened its doors in England, it has always sought ways to contribute greatly in several ways such as educating the public and advocating harm reduction alternatives.

The Board of the organization includes ex-smokers, public health analysts and scientists. NNA Sweden is an affiliate of NNA UK and NNA AU, as well as a member organisation of the global network of consumer advocacy organisations for safer nicotine products,

The public launch of NNA Sweden took place on the 7th of February at the Swedish premiere of the movie A Billion Lives amongst snus advocacy crowds, vaping advocacy crowds, politicians, health economists and decision makers from the Swedish tobacco control landscape. The board of trustees for NNA Sweden will consist of Atakan Erik Befrits from policy research, Ms Jennie Gejel a veteran vaping expert and Mr Patrick Pihl, a 25 year veteran of snus advocacy and snus science in Sweden.

Fighting for safer alternatives internationally

On the same line as NNA UK and NNA AU, NNA Sweden aims to give a valuable contribution not only to Swedish tobacco control but will also strive to contribute on an international level in order to safeguard rights to harm reduction products and policies.

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