As the major big tobacco companies are now branching out to the cigarette alternatives and striving to grab as much of this market as possible, the Harm Reduction Focus Report 2016  aims to shows BAT’s commitment to developing competitive Next Generation Products or harm reduction devices, “that can drive change and reduce the health impact of tobacco on the world.”

Report contents

The report mentions the progress that the company has made in a number of key areas, such as in product development and innovation, product stewardship, scientific evaluation and risk reduction, and collaborative development of product standards. The main highlights being:

  • BAT’s growing portfolio of new generation tobacco and nicotine products, including Vype Vapour Products available in 10 markets worldwide and the latest Tobacco Heating Product, glo, which was launched in Japan in December 2016.
  • An independent viewpoint from Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington D.C.
  • Understanding the different products and risks, and the latest evidence and results from scientific studies carried out by the company.
  • Expert viewpoints from BAT’s senior leadership: Kingsley Wheaton, Managing Director of Next Generation Products, and Dr David O’Reilly, Group Scientific and R&D Director.
  • BAT’s commitments and plans for the future..a five-year view on innovations in the pipeline and further expansions into new markets to reach even more consumers.

On launching the report, Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive of the tobacco company said, “At BAT, we’re proud of over a century of delivering shareholder value. Rightly, however, the world now demands more of us”, adding that as from 2012 the company has “rearticulated” their strategy by putting customers’ needs at the centre of their business.

Win win situation for all

BAT’s CEO concluded by pointing out that this new approach offers a triple win. The first is a win for society in general, by improving public health through selling harm reduction products, the second is a win for consumers derived by selling them safer products, and the third is a win for the business as the company is branching out to this relatively new market and generating sustainable value.

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