In a segment on TVNZ’s Breakfast Programme, Dr. John Cameron pointed out that obviously the only thing that human lungs should inhale is fresh air. However, he added, if a smoker switches to vaping products rather than carrying on smoking, they are significantly decreasing the damage done to their lungs. “If we can get everyone who’s smoking tobacco related products and put them onto e-cigarettes, I think we have got a win”, he said.

“If we can get everyone who’s smoking tobacco related products and put them onto e-cigarettes, I think we have got a win”, Dr. John Cameron

Dr. Cameron added, that besides its addictive properties nicotine poses no real health threat, and that it is the combustion of organic material, ie. tobacco leaves, that causes the damage. In line with what Dr. Cameron said, studies have even found that nicotine may benefit some neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

“We know that the best thing to put in your lungs is fresh air, no question about it, the worst thing that you can put into your lungs is burnt tobacco leaf. Vaping sits somewhere in the middle there where there is nothing wrong with nicotine as a drug, it’s the delivery system if your burning organic matter, that is where it goes rubbish.” said Dr. Cameron.

Most people turn to vaping for smoking cessation

The doctor concludes that the only possible risk that he is able to perceive in vaping, is the fear that people who have never smoked may decide to take up the habit. Thankfully, a number of studies have indicated that the contrary is true, the tendency is for people to turn to vaping for smoking cessation.

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Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
5 years ago

OK.. Malta is a long way from Australia and New Zealand, but note that the *Sydney* Opera House is located in Sydney Australia, not New Zealand, and online mapping services are at the fingertips of anyone with internet access!

(My apologies to the author if that leader image was chosen by editorial staff.)

Otherwise a good article.

Vaping Post
Vaping Post
Reply to  Andrew Thompson
5 years ago

Hello Andrew, that was an editor’s mistake. Our apologies.

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Reply to  Vaping Post
5 years ago

It’s now edited to show a lovely picture of (what I presume is) a city in New Zealand. No need for apologies when you did something altogether better!