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NIH-Funded Study: Smokers Who Switch to Vaping Have Healthier Lifestyles

Participants who reported switching to vaping by age 39 reported better physical health, they also exercised more and had a more active social life....

Study Looked Into Tobacco Product Use And Respiratory Symptoms in Youth

Vaping is much less damaging to the lungs than smoking.Titled, “Tobacco product use and functionally-important respiratory symptoms among US adolescents/young adults,” the analysis extracted...

The South Korea E-Cigarette/Vaping Market Report 2021

Titled, "Market Report: South Korea - A Slight Rise for E-Cigs as Smoking Falls Further", the report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s archive. While...

Ireland: Continued Dismissal of THR is Maintaining High Smoking Rates 

Data released by Ireland’s Department of Health from the Healthy Ireland Survey 2021 has indicated that smoking rates have risen from 17% to 18%...

CASAA Infographic Confirms The Positive Impact of Vaping

Using the latest CDC NYTS & NHIS data, CASAA’s recent infographic graphs show that not only is the claim there’s a “new generation being...

Hawaii: Majority of Teen Vapers Are Girls 

2019 data revealed that a total of 33.9% of female high school students vaped in the past 30 days, compared to 27.4% of males.A...

More Effective E-Cig Regulations Could Save Approximately 200 Million Lives 

In the UK, approximately 25% fewer people smoke today than they did in 2013. On the other hand, Australia, one of the countries with...

European Survey: 80% of Vapers Have Quit Smoking Completely

31% of the respondents said that if their preferred flavours were to be banned, they would resort to purchasing them on black market, while...