Excellent grip and perfect finish

Designed in Germany and assembled in China by S-Body, the VapeDroid C2D1 is the dual 18650 battery version of the C1D2 powered by a single 26650 battery and operated under the excellent chipset DNA 75. The new C2D1 embarks the very performant DNA 250 but offers only 167 W maximum output power, to remain compact.

With its curved shapes, the design is all in sobriety with a few Sci-Fi influences. Rather compact for a dual battery box, the VapeDroid C2D1 in only 86 mm high for 47 mm long and 30 mm wide. It accepts without problem all the largest atomizers on the market. The weight, naked, is 170 g, which gives 260 g with the two batteries. It is then rather a light box for this format.

The grip is very good with the soft powdered finish. The thumb naturally finds its place in the curve at the back of the box and the index falls directly on the Fire switch. The finish is perfect, the stainless steel buttons do not jingle at all but are nevertheless a bit noisy at use. The OLED screen is wide and readable.

Technical review

the main features of the VapeDroid C2D1 are:

  • Height: 86 mm
  • Length: 47.1 mm
  • Width: 30.6 mm
  • Battery: 2x 18650 (not included)
  • Maximum output power: 167 W
  • Resistance range: starting at 0.10 Ω in TC mode and at 0.20 Ω in variable wattage
  • Chipset: Evolv DNA 250 upgradeable and customizable with the software EScribe
  • Temperature control range: 100 – 315°C
  • Material: Alloy of zinc
  • Switch and 510 pin (on spring) in stainless steel

The packaging includes:

  • 1x VapeDroid C2D1 DNA250
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 1x user manual

The batteries are protected by a magnetic lid that does the job very well. The polarity is recalled and in case of mistake, an alarm alert rings so that you cannot get wrong.

Top chipset but it requires an adaptation period

Thanks to the chipset DNA 250 designed by Evolv, all the vaping parameters can be displayed and are adjustable by connecting the box to the Windows PC software EScribe. Beginners will have to get used to it. The chipset is extremely complete, reactive and it provides smooth vaping feelings. Besides an efficient power mode, the DNA 250 also permits temperature control in Ni, Ti and SS316 as well as TCR. On EScribe, by using the function Wire Wizard, you can upload any type of resistive wire’s profile that you find on Steam-engine.org. It is impressive.

Compared to the DNA 200 that is dedicated to the LiPo batteries, the DNA 250 has been designed for “high drain” 18650 ones (with a discharge current higher than 20 A), also the most stable ones. DNA 250 also permits a 2 A ultra fast charging.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Excellent quality
  • Soft and efficient grip
  • Ultra-complete chipset
  • Good battery autonomy
  • Rather light
  • The width allows all type of atomizers

The “-“:

  • An adaptation time is required to program the chipset
  • EScribe is not compliant with Mac OS
  • Expensive


Rating of 4.3/5. Manufactured with a very good quality, the VaprDroid C2D1 offers a well developed chipset, a good finish and an ultra-soft vaping style. Its autonomy is also consequent with an ideal grip but its price, around € 189 places it in the topmost boxes of this range. Managing the chipset with the EScribe software is rather dedicated to experienced users who like to spend some time tuning their vaping style.


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