The Blacklist Series

As It would be helpful and effective to provide as much details as possible and write an article that explains everything about this advocacy group known as “The Vaping Legion.”  The truth of the matter is that this particular article serves as an announcement in order to keep everyone properly informed, as this is just the beginning of “The Blacklist Series.”

Taking this into consideration, The Vaping Post will be publishing a series of articles that focuses on defining and analyzing the operation that the Vaping Legion recently launched, which is simply titled, “Blacklist.”

The series of articles following this announcement will be examining exactly why this group of advocates from within the community would want to begin this process and why you should care. What process exactly are we referring to? The process of compiling a list of brands that have become a cause for concern and of course, this list is essentially a “Blacklist.”

What this Means for Eliquid Brands

The Vaping Legion has been researching and collecting data and other information handed over to them from other advocates and consumers for several years. Most of their own research and information provided by others consists of anything and everything vape-related, specifically in terms of safety standards and harm reduction. The Legion is essentially a concerned collective of consumers choosing to actively protect vapor product consumers.

The word “blacklist” is usually involved with boycotting something that may be threatening to another entity. The official definition of “Blacklist” is a list of persons, products or organizations under suspicion, disfavor, censure, etc.

Overall, the “Blacklist” features brands within the vapor industry that could be seen as easy targets for the anti-vapor establishment to use as ammunition to amp up their misinformed argumentative platform. This is where the Vaping Legion deems it necessary to employ such a direct system, one might assume this to be unnecessary. Others may agree this to be absolutely necessary and for many reasons.

Next to come…

We will discuss those reasons in the next article of this series covering the “Blacklist.” As the Vaping Legion believes rebranding is the answer, many businesses being placed on the “Blacklist” could disagree, refuse and protest the idea. Hopefully, the next article may help clear up any confusion as we are considering all the factors that develop the perspectives surrounding this situation.

At this juncture, it is difficult to understand why a business may not want to rebrand, what better marketing campaign could their possibly be in a fast-moving industry where whatever is new and different, is in? Isn’t it a good business practice to continuously optimize your brand, right? Food for thought.



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  1. Well, No website, No Facebook, Nothing at all who states who they are, what they want, what they have achived etc. Really shady organisation. I call BS. Sorry to say it.

    • Unlike most of the industry we feel no need to announce our archievements. And since we don’t take money we don’t have to!

  2. The blacklist can be found all over Facebook. If you search for the group ” The Vaping Legion” you can find the closed group where you have to petition with questions to answer. This is to ensure where true intentions lay.

  3. also, search for the “Vaping Legion Network” on youtube. We host weekly shows disccusing all things advocacy, and also discuss those who are helping to kill this industry.

  4. I would just like to see the blacklist….I agree with what they are doing but since no one can find it makes you question motives. In this case I don’t think the motive is bad but its all about perception. Not only that it takes away the ability for public input to potentially help add more companies that this organization may not see…

    • Aaron, thanks for your comments. The blacklist is available, we just are not able to release it on Vaping Post for numerous reasons. Regardless, all you would need to do is follow the instructions that Matthew Salter posted below. Salter is an Industry Professional and Legion member out of New York.

      Please See below:

      “The blacklist can be found all over Facebook. If you search for the group ” The Vaping Legion” you can find the closed group where you have to petition with questions to answer. This is to ensure where true intentions lay.”


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