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If you find yourself emotionally upset about the Blacklist, then you may have some internal reflecting that must become your highest priority. This is indeed a difficult scenario and no one honestly wants to be participating in a debate that feels like it is somehow fueled by a portion of the anti-vapor establishment’s relentless rhetoric.

This is why the entire point of moving forward with operations like the “Blacklist” have become such a necessary tool. The anti-vapor fanatics have been continuously proven wrong in their many claims and assessments. Though, there is only one other area vapers have not been collectively focused on when calling their bluff – and it is the root cause of every major

Not to mention, even their attempts to derail the enthusiasm of vapers quitting with Scientific-based studies also proved to be useless since nearly every single one of these research studies have been proven completely debunked. It’s always later reported that these studies were funded with the sole purpose of trying to illustrate the vapor industry with a negative image,

From other science-based researchers coming to the forefront and claiming that these studies have been entirely misinterpreted which is easily detectable through a simple review of the overall conclusion discussed in the results section of the research reports.

Nevertheless what this shows us is clear. The only card the anti-vapor fanatics have left to play is the card of using children as a shield. This is very sad to see political figures and health officials exploiting children with such ulterior motive’s, but at the same time, “exploitation of youth” is exactly how the anti-vapor establishment sees all flavors made by all brands.

This is exactly why the Vaping Legion felt it was absolutely necessary to require that any Brands that may be considered inappropriate should be from operating their businesses.

Figuratively, it’s almost like a person looking in the mirror and not being able to accurately recognize what it is they are seeing. Therefore, there is a swift quick and painless answer to this controversial scenario we must put behind us as quickly as possible.

The answer is simple. We must embrace this and not disgrace it. So, for any of those businesses or individuals who may be affiliated with a brand that has been placed on the Legion Blacklist, the options are clear-cut and straightforward: “you can either re brand or rebrand.”

If for instance you feel that you were brand has been singled out free entirely different reason and it may not be fair that you’ve been included with some of the other selections on the list, many would easily be able to feel your pain and suffering. It may not be fair, it may be wrong, but at the same time your feelings are not, by any means, what this entire situation is about.

Legion Members are a Only a Tiny Fraction of Advocates with these Ideas & Seem to Be Making the Biggest Impact

The primary aspect to reflect on is that the Vaping Legion is not at all alone in this view about how we must put an end to these particular brands who may have labels that are apparently considered and viewed as appealing to youth. One extremely credible Academic mind from Greece, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has a a very clear opinion on this matter.

In an article on Vaping Post, written in March 2017, it states, “Renowned public health activist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos voiced his deep concern about the matter on his blog earlier last week. He said that he was deeply shocked when he received photos of some products on display at this expo. “One would expect a “clever” industry to take measures to minimize the negative publicity, produce best quality possible products, minimize appeal to youth, strictly follow a “no sales to youth” policy and take every necessary measure to create an image of a responsible and serious industry with consumer responsibility.”

Never before in the history of the vape realm have we seen the type of change that the Vaping Legion members are creating from the announcement of the Blacklist. How? Why? SImple answer: it seems to be working. Since the initial announcement at the beginning of the Summer, 10 brands automatically began rebranding. Now, in mid-August, we are being informed that the first 10 brands to begin rebranding has now risen to over 100 vapor businesses now also involved in a process of rebranding. Seem efficient? No Question. This has become legendary.

Does this new data influence your opinion on any level that may cause you to think differently about the Blacklist? Or does it not at all affect the way you feel? Either way, all of us need to truly stop pointing the finger to blame others for our own problems, instead perhaps we must encourage one another to look inward and reflect on whether or not what we are doing is helping or perhaps hurting our cause and what we all stand for.

We all want to continue vaping and watch how far this industry could grow and also the extent to which it can innovate, it’s been a an absolute privilege to see all the progress thus far, I ant wait or see more. Yet, what is flavor bans spread due. To these brands refusing to rebrand.




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