Those are all relevant questions that deserve answers. So let’s break-it-down for the naysayers shall we? What is the blacklist when you’re looking at the vapor industry as of current? More importantly what is the one issue in which the Public Health Organizations, dwindling support of Democratic Party Members and the misguided anti-tobacco lobbyists and misleading collection of anti-tobacco groups continuously bringing up as their primary concern about Vaping?

Their last shield and source of ammunition – their offense and defense is and will continue to be focused on the one group of people with 0 rights in this nation to defend themselves. That argumentative point they will hammer home is “protecting our children.”

The Catalyst to the Conflict

To reiterate from the first Blacklist Series article, in other words, any design or logo on labels which could be perceived as potential copyright infringement violations or perhaps if there is a chance of being considered as child appealing, then the Vaping Legion will most likely be demanding that you should begin the process of “rebranding.” It is highly likely that this suggestion would be the only option offered.

Most vapers and advocacy groups would surely agree that protecting children is a top priority. This is a fact because 99% of vapers are all former cigarette smokers and tobacco abusers, which is very dangerous and harmful to the people around their presence, secondhand smoke could create severe health problems, secondhand vapor has been proved to be no more or less harmful to be exposed to than the air we breathe.

The majority of advocates for vapor know this to be absolutely true, yet some who do not understand vaping though they may be wishing to learn more, it is highly recommended that you search these facts on the web. Read studies by Dr. Farsalino, Dr. Michael Siegel, and many more

Regardless, the anti-vapor establishment is making claims that flavors of eliquids are going to target and addict children. However, we know this to be untrue, yet they always get. The public support by holding up brands with child appealing labels which are also in violation of copyright infringement.

Flavor Bans Are Fueled by Irresponsible Branding

Many vapers I’ve had the pleasure to meet said they enjoy a wide array of candy and dessert type flavors. But then anti-vapor establishment Will undoubtably say those are flavors to used to target children.

Are their Tasty flavors for children, yes unfortunately. In fact, it is interesting to point out that they are tasty flavors for any human being even many animals that are transformed into household pets will most likely appreciate those flavors – most dogs would drool over anything that delicious. However, they are not intentionally manufactured as some conspiracy for corrupting the consumption habits for children, so that portion of the naysayers should try looking into the fact that one major corporate entity controls 90% of what we eat in the U.S. and compare the regulations from harmful substances we routinely add to foods that most of Europe would never allow to be legalized as a common practice.

Many changes must take place in all aspects of society and even before this, becoming more educating about researching topics to find the root of the problem is imperative. Blaming the entire vaping industry and spinning it as if it s a Big Tobacco ploy to hook kids on tobacco is quite rankle, an absurd notion, getting the facts before taking action was once the standard operating procedure. Education is critical and it should be required to participate in and contribute to before supporting outrageous assumptions.

Most Americans especially political figures, seem to be in denial, delusion or have some type of disorder these days most likely a misunderstanding of how to socially interact with their own species, even if they speak the same language. However, in America, it seems nowadays even though the majority of people speak English no one understands each other, why? What is everyone’s problem? Perhaps all who can not see why the Blacklist could be an advantageous direction to follow and meaningful campaign to support.


The Vaping Legion Warning Sign
Volunteers are turning these images into designs for window decals that many Vape Shops want



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