Why are there so many more brands than expected just now addressing this issue by flooding the industry leaders with an overflowing inbox or voicemail filled to capacity? Is it their fault? Or has the FDA been making some sneaky moves?

Advocacy Groups and Trade Associations asking for assistance with product registration. It is reassuring to hear there is finally some proper guidance available for the Industry Professionals to feel comfortable enough to reach out to.

However, these Advocacy Groups and Trade Associations have been sending out updates on major events and breaking news affecting the industry on a daily basis. After all, these are the people fighting on the frontl-lines of the vapor war and desperately attempting to repair the shrinking scope of the beloved and idealistic principles of our American Rights. The point is, supporting these groups all year round is absolutely essentially. Build solid relationships and keep the line of communication open.

If one took the time to conduct a Sociological Research Study, it is almost inevitable that every vaper is connected to one another through some other mutual acquaintance. There have been endless circumstances where asking one vapefam member for a favor has led to meeting at least 5 more Iike-minded vapers who end-up becoming close and trustworthy friends

SFATA Notices an Unfortunate Trend they Hope to Fix

The Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA) has been discovering that a much higher number of manufacturers, including brands specifically manufactured at some retail locations are entirely unaware that they must register their nicotine products with the FDA by September 31st, 2017 – due to being identified and labeled as “Tobacco” products by the FDA.

The registration process is not something that could be done overnight, it is a long process in which you must immerse yourself in data entry mode as each flavor and each strength of eliquids manufactured on site (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, etc.) must be accurately recorded. Not to mention, the instructions on following the proper process has been additionally time-consuming.

Therefore, if you are part of a vape shop staff where you manufacture some of your own eliquids on premise, you must inform the ownership. If they do not know already, you must have your products registered with the FDA by September 31st, 2017, which basically means that if you have yet to register, then it may be too late or wishful thinking minds would suggest to begin ASAP.

As a matter of fact, SFATA Board President, April L. Meyers recently discussed her concerns on awareness of such matters throughout the industry. Being members of SFATA would certainly help all businesses stay updated with the ever-changing industry. April went into detail about her own experience doing her own registration process and how time is running out.

However, when you are a vaper, even the time is up, hope is all you still have and will ever need. If there is a will there is a way. Not to mention, the vape community is very efficient whenever working together, so it is recommended by SFATA to reach out if assistance and guidance is what you seek.

SFATA Board President Discusses Concerns & Solution

SFATA Board Member President, April Meyers, said, “It took me a couple of weeks to read through everything just so I’d know what I needed to put together. Prepping was the most lengthy part of the process.” Thus, there may not be enough time to finish this very detailed and necessary procedure. “Point is, it’s a lot of data entry,” April admits.

Unfortunately, April says more messages from concerned manufacturers continue to be sent in to SFATA everyday, she clarifies, “these messages continue to come in.  Yet, we do not waste time and try to handle these situations directly. They are being helped swiftly in our peer-to-peer support group.” This type of dedicated support is certainly a helpful service for those in desperate need during this desperate time.

Given the amount of data entry involved, some manufacturers have hired third parties to facilitate this required operation. What happens if these businesses fail to meet the deadline? From what has been discussed and interpreted, these businesses will most likely disappear overnight if their registration is not completed by the deadline, which at the end of this week!

If Manufacturers Doesn’t Meet the Registration Deadline then Brands May Disappear

Unfortunately, they will no longer be considered as legally operating and complaint manufacturers within the vapor industry. For the retailers who manufacture on site, these technically unregistered items are not going to be considered as legally compliant consumer products.

The amount of time and effort that manufactures are obligated to invest in this data entry process for registration, is no mistake. Registration processes like this are intentionally designed to be quite complicated. Indeed, it is disappointing to know there may be some consumer’s favorite brands on a path to instant nonexistence. However, joining your state’s SFATA Chapter would certainly prevent issues like these.

Regardless, with the clock ticking, time is running thin. We are steadily approaching that deadline, which looms closer and closer. At the same time, vapers are believers and hope is never entirely lost. SFATA President April Meyers, explains, “There are registration support companies now too, so it’s entirely possible to get your products registered, it’s just increasingly more difficult. We are a community who help one another and must continue to create awareness as all these circumstances affect us all.”

Are you stil hoping to register your products with the FDA before the Sep.30th deadline passes? Then, please see the link listed below for a step-by-step guide on how-to get it done.

 Step-by-step guide for users accessing the FDA Unified Registration and Listing System (FURLS) “Tobacco Registration and Product Listing.”

In addition to your state’s local SFATA Chapter (unless you live in one of the 12 states with no local chapter) or advocacy organization for vapor products, many other talented individuals are lending a hand in any way they can. Furthermore, it comes highly recommended to visit the website for Attorneys Azim Chowdury & Ben Wolfe, since they are offering their assistance and  expertise on this issue.

One of the most reliable reference points for this information was SFATA President April Meyers. April proves time and time again, just how much she is enjoys being a natural leader and in a position where she is able to help any who need it. Her unwavering discipline, passionate work ethic, business savvy and professional demeanor all help to also a creative problem solver.

In addition, it cannot be stressed enough, that if or a quick click of the mouse, this simple action will prove to be extraordinarily beneficial if one was able to read the article posted on the Keller & Heckman website. For those who may feel helpless, it is not over yet and you have more help then you may know. Then again if you manufacture and still need to register, stop everything you’re doing and go take care of business! 

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