Interviewing City Council Candidate Kieran Cartharn

In a recent interview, Columbus City Council candidate  Kieran Cartharn said to me, “We need sensible policies for our communities and this can only be done by sensible local leadership. I’m willing to fight for these ideas because anything that helps protect my community and stop it from crumbling, much like it is now, then I will support it. Vaping has been one of those things — this is a perfect example of a group of people whose voices have been ignored.”

Mr. Cartharn makes a great point here. He is referring to the fact that vapor products were included in the new law to raise the smoking age in the city of Columbus. In the City of Columbus, Ohio, the 7 Democratic City Council members, where in some case these members were appointed and not elected, all voted unanimously to raise the smoking age to 21.

Of course, since the FDA defines vapor products as tobacco products rather than harm reduction devices, unfortunately whenever the smoking age is raised, this will always include vapor products. This means the one successful thing people have been using to quit smoking are relentlessly connected to cigarettes in a way that defines them as being the same thing, when in fact, we now know, these two separate things share only one important connection.

That connection is important because vapor products essentially save lives and those who smoke can use these vaping products to quit smoking and face a much less harmful outcome. Furthermore, why is vaping being perceived as the same thing as smoking? We already know, it’s all about the money and it’s so obvious that vaping has the potential to make smoking obsolete. So, we are unfortunately faced with attacks on the industry from every angle.

Columbus, OH is a very valuable city in reference to consumerism in America — so many new consumer products are sent straight to Columbus in order to judge their success rates and also observe the effects on business. Applying such restrictions could damage their chances of remaining as one of the first metropolitan areas to sample the goods.

Local Business Owner Provides Insight

James Jarvis, who is the owner of the Vapor Station, has multiple locations throughout Columbus. James provides more detailed insight into the situation, stating, “Columbus City Council recently passed a law that forces all businesses large or small in the Columbus city limits, to purchase a license to sell tobacco products and paraphernalia including vapor. This law also takes away the rights for adults 18 – 20 years old to have the ability to utilize vapor products as an option. Not to mention, this law makes the stores pay an additional $150.00 a year, which is basically a fee to send their business to a neighboring city.”

Continuing to comment on this issue, Mr. Jarvis says, “So, a business that when they started it, had no such law — that will take away up to 25% of their customers. The law does not even prohibit use, just the purchase of these products. For some businesses, this is a second tobacco license they will need as they already have to have a cigarette license.”

Why would cities such as Columbus deprive their residents, the chance to purchase vaping products as an alternative to cigarettes? All this does is push potential consumers away from the opportunity to quit smoking. Where is the logic in that? Well, business is business unfortunately. Then again, such actions taken by City Council members, reveals a lack of concern for their own citizens.

Republican candidate for the City Council of Columbus, Kieran Cartharn, said to me, “Now young adult smokers AND vapers who are under 21 have to leave the city of Columbus to purchase the products they use — this means those financial transactions that could benefit our own community, especially for using those funds to help people quit smoking. But, we won’t see that money now since these sales will no longer be made in the city of Columbus. It makes no sense on so many levels and we need to modernize our politics in our communities. I believe this begins with preserving locally-owned small businesses, Vapor Shops in particular.”

Columbus has an Opportunity to Elect a Leader with Integrity

It’s refreshing to see a candidate stick up for small businesses like Kieran Cartharn is doing. Kieran is probably the most impressive 20 year-old individual I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Simply from hearing him speak about the issues surrounding his community is a very rewarding and meaningful experience.

Mr. Cartharn does not speak like most others who campaign for election. Kieran Cartharn tells me, by passionately declaring, “You can’t come into anyone’s life and tell them what they can and cannot do. Enough is enough.” Amen to that!

In my own personal assessment, Mr. Cartharn is one of the brightest shining lights in all of the current American Political spectrum’s dim-lit glory. This is someone who we need rising up the ranks of the political hierarchy. His position on issues is very matter-of-fact and genuine, in other words, he is not fake like most others in a similar situation.

Vapor Station owner James Jarvis describes his experiences speaking with the candidate, “We talked about ingredients, battery safety, product safety, FDA Deeming Regulations, research studies that show recent findings supporting vaping as a healthier alternative as well as remarks from Dr. Scott Gottlieb regarding Nicotine and it not being the harmful part of a cigarette, Tobacco 21 (as it went into effect in Columbus Oct 1), amount of shops, manufacturers and consumers in Columbus that it’s going to effect. Kieran was very receptive and encouraged by the research and very alarmed by the amount of business that could be lost in Columbus due to Tobacco 21.  In fact he was disgusted that 18 year old adults were losing their rights. He said he wanted to help and said he would make it known during his campaign.”

Hearing testimony from a real local resident, who is also a small business owner, is certainly a sign of reassurance that there is something special happening in Columbus — the dawn of a new type of political candidate has been born and is quickly evolving in the state of Ohio’s capital city.  

Kieran Cartharn is the real deal and anyone who knows the benefits of vapor products should support this man in his efforts to better his community and most likely bettering more communities in the future, because I do not see Mr. Cartharn going away anytime soon. Win or lose, his position in politics will only rise higher up from here.

Cartharn explained, “it’s time that we start being honest with one another and it’s also time for someone to start telling it to the people how it really is.” Campaigning as a Republican, if elected, he would be the only member of the entire City Council who would not be a Democrat. City Council Candidate Kieran Cartharn is very vocal about his support for local businesses, specifically defending Vape Shops.

Kieran Cartharn is already endorsed by individuals and organizations in the state of Ohio with some very impressive credentials. There is Speaker of the Ohio House Cliff Rosenberger, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine, Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Murphy,  Senator Bacon, Senator Kunze, a number of prominent Pastors, the Franklin County Prosecutor & the Franklin County Auditor as well as the Former Governor Bob Taft.

Election Day is November 7th so if you reside in Columbus, Ohio then perhaps the only practical decision to make is to vote for Kieran Cartharn, it seems to be the only logical choice. He has already won the Primary Election, now help him win the General Election.

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“You can’t build anything strong without first building relationships”

                — Kieran Cartharn

                    City Council Candidate

                    Columbus, Ohio


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