Lately, from conversations with the “everyday” Vaper, it has been confirmed to me by many that their own concern for being engaged as a citizen has largely improved, only since they began vaping. Considering this, I’ve written about how vaping can assist people in many other aspects to reducing harmful circumstances in their lives along with quitting smoking.

For instance, one article I wrote over a year ago was about how the entire vaping lifestyle can help recovering addicts – every single suggestion by nationally recognized recovery programs consists of behavioral changes that the vaping lifestyle naturally provides.

Becoming Woke is Advantageous

Furthermore, it seems now, we’ve received proof from vapers who have invited this lifestyle into their everyday existence are experiencing another benefit to quitting smoking by becoming a Vaper. This benefit is without a doubt, a heightened awareness to the ongoing social issues within our communities and around the world.

At least, in the U.S., many vapers are not easily fooled by these continual distractions our news networks seem to attempt brainwashing Americans with. Most vapers I converse with are acutely aware of now having the gift to see our social reality clearly. While prior to becoming a vaping, they admit to being far more susceptible to possessing a “false consciousness” – an incorrect perception of social reality

Sleep & Smoke or Wake & Vape to Be Woke

If you begin vaping to reduce the harm you have put yourself through from smoking cigarettes, than it is highly likely that you can quit smoking for good. If this occurs, which it surely does with the majority of those who commit themselves, whether after one attempt or many, something else may become clear. Not only can you quit cigarettes, but you can also become far more aware of your social reality.

In Sociological terms, it is referred to as possessing a “Sociological Imagination.” While in 21st Century America, many are calling this awoken consciousness as becoming “woke.”

Therefore, if you are a smoker who feels a strong sense of civic disengagement, then it would be recommended by many and advantageous to even more to consider switching to living a vape life. Don’t sleep and smoke, wake and vape to get woke!

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