Due to misguided legislation in the state of New York, the advocacy group NYSVA is forced to battle so many attacks of industrial destruction at the moment and it’s very damaging to the NY state economy as a whole.

As the story goes, in NY State Assembly there is Legislation gaining momentum referred to as Bill A08688, which clearly states it’s purpose, “Prohibits the sale and distribution of flavored e-liquid which creates a distinguishable flavor or aroma for use in e-cigarettes.”

This flavor ban bill is Sponsored by  Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal. As the story goes, Rosenthal has been convincing fellow members of the Codes Committee that shutting down vape shops won’t have any negative consequences on the state economy. Hopefully, this is merely an exaggeration of Rosenthal’s actions, yet given her relentless crusade to destroy the vape industry in New York, it is most likely no exaggeration.

After all, the fact that the bill’s sponsor is claiming that there would not be a  financial liability is written for all to see in the legislation, as it is posted as a public document. See for yourself, the bill, literally beneath the Subheading “Fiscal Imlpications” directly under the subheading it implies “None to the State..”

That is one very bold claim and quite frankly, mathematically incorrect Numbers don’t lie and statistically, we will learn just how much this claim is based on perception rather than reality.

Real World Ramifications

The assumption that closing down vape shops would not affect the economic health of the state, is entirely erroneous and practically a ruse constructed by biased and flawed thinking. Whether we are discussing closing vape shops or banning flavors, any drastic move of this nature would not be in the best interest of the residents occupying the state of New York.

In reality, the vape industry in the state of New York brings in $800 million of revenue, totaling over $70 million in tax revenue.

Does that seem like perhaps there may just be a negative impact economically? Yes, no or maybe so? Perhaps, yes undoubtedly it would. So, it seems that there would absolutely be a negative economic effect after critically analyzing the proper statistics. All in all, eliminating the vape industry in the state of New York would be fiscally devastating.

The primary takeaway from this could very well be that NY State Assembly Member Rosenthal is deliberately lying to her constituents. So, maybe some of the other Assembly Members should ask, what would motivate her to perpetrate such a drastic betrayal to her fellow members? Why would she want to damage an entire industry and the state economy in the process? What’s motivating her to be so deceiving?

Regardless, while this particular NY Assembly Member is causing unfortunate deception, all the other circumstances involved in this situation are much more significant to reflect on and irrefutably crucial to analyze than any pack of lies Rosenthal could conjure up.

Furthermore, the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA) has been burdened with fending off all the misdirected legislative actions that have been plaguing the NY state vape industry for several years now.

NYSVA Defends Vapor and Protects Vaper Rights

The NYSVA works as a single unit, as a team conducting highly active and effective advocacy work by defending the rights of vapers. The NYSVA does not just defend vaper rights in New York, but their resilience is indirectly influencing the defense of vaper rights everywhere around the U.S.

As a matter of fact, when gazing at the big picture, the NYSVA is in the middle of a situation where they are proactively taking charge while being pulled into engaging in the defense of a multi-front assault on the industry.

Thus, given the size and scope of  New York state’s financial influence on the global vape market, the NYSVA is indirectly defending vaper rights on a global scale. It seems the NYSVA leadership is poised to be one of America’s top state advocacy groups for the vaping community.

NYSVA has publicly stated, “We need your help to send as many messages as possible to committee members and your lawmakers — educating them how an e-liquid flavor ban is harmful to the state and New York residents.”

Up to the Date and Down to the Minute

As the story goes, during the Health Committee meeting in the misinformed Assembly, the misguided bill A08688 was passed with a 14 to 12 vote. Over the years, the flavor ban legislation was killed and able to lose relevance. Therefore, as the NYSVA worked at educating key members, all momentum for these provisions were entirely put on pause by the committee.

Unfortunately, now, at the current juncture, this misguided piece of legislation was kept alive by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (NY-A100) when she changed her vote from nay to yea at the last minute.

CASAA explains, “According to feedback from folks on the ground in Albany, the large numbers of emails and calls that Assembly Members are receiving in opposition to A.8688 contributed to the robust debate and very close vote. To be clear, a 13 to 13 vote would have ended the progress of the flavor ban on the Assembly side of things.”

In such scenarios where an assembly member flips on their initial decision , it is only right to consider any questions that may arise from a natural suspicion. Furthermore, one question is, “Why would Gunther do this”  Perhaps there was some external influence creating a false narrative that allowed her to vote differently?

Though, just how effective is influence in politics? Just kidding. Influence is the business of politics and that is what is important to remember here. This is politics. It’s messy on the surface, so just imagine how much dirt builds up below.

In any case, the academic discipline of Social or Cognitive Psychology would inform us that routinely, it appears that people who are unsure during important decision making processes like this, often change their position due to a lack of understanding the issue. Their ability to jump to conclusions is clearly a result of being indecisive and feeling that the issue might be too incomprehensible for them to fully grasp.

Obviously, this lack of understanding among specific assembly members major conflict that must be handled with care and compassion. This is exactly where the NYSVA comes in.

The NY state group makes it a top priority for them to ensure that each and every relationship the Forster is made of substance. They will need to make sure that all political figures are absorbing the information they present and then hoping these officials genuinely internalize just how much the vapor industry truly means to the state of New York and countless NY citizens

From this, it feels as if time is repeating itself. This exact situation plays out every single time we learn of similar pieces of legislation being proposed and pushed through the assembly.

It has become a never-ending saga between the New York State assembly and the NYSVA Advocacy group. Now, have reached that moment where this highly controversial circumstance rests heavily on the shoulders of the NYSVA leadership.

Vapers should be grateful for the NYSVA, as their historically effective educating campaigns have saved the industry several times over. There will be much more to report on this topic as the story develops.

In the meantime, feel free to show the New York State Vapor Association your appreciation for standing up against this continuous attempt to permanently damage the vape industry.


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