Chicago ABC Channel 7 News shared a brief clip on their website, reporting on how Senator Dick Durbin announced that he was going after flavored tobacco products — which unfortunately includes eliquids.

In their report and in his video announcement, Durbin is actually quoted saying, “When the people who make these products, like JUUL, insist this is just for adults to quit smoking tobacco products  — Bologna, you wouldn’t be pedaling these flavors to adults,” Sen. Durbin said.

Well, in a sense he has a point, “Bologna” is not necessarily a flavor anyone, young or old, would enjoy vaping. Does he really think “Bologna” aka “Baloney” is a popular flavor used by vapers? Who in the hell vapes Baloney? It is highly likely that no soul on this earth would ever vape that flavor, much like no one would seek out flavors of eLiquid resembling peas and carrots, angel hair pasta with scallops or the meat lover’s special spicy trio — good wholesome “adult” dinner plate options. Nope. Not happening.

With all obvious jokes aside, the situation surrounding flavor bans nationwide, is growing to be very serious. Of course, Senator Durbin was using the word Bologna or “baloney” instead of the word “bullshit.” After all, he wouldn’t want to blow his cover, since the majority of what he was saying was indeed bullshit.

Banning Flavors used for Vaping

Furthermore, the Senator is calling his legislation the SAFE Kids Act. This is basically extremely contradictory. If he was concerned with truly saving kids and keeping kids safe then perhaps go after an issue where teenagers are actually dying at a young age rather than attempt to damage a consumer product known for saving adult lives.

It is worth mentioning how this proposal should not be confused with the “SAFE KIDS Act” which may be cited as the “Safeguarding American Families from Exposure by Keeping Information and Data Secure Act” or the “SAFE KIDS Act.” Seems rather odd to adopt the exact name as another piece of recent legislation

However, it’s not as simple as only being just the SAFE Kids Act — it is much more than what’s on the surface. Referring to another clever acronym that’s emerges reminiscent of the subliminal “ENDS” acronym coined by the FDA — this time, the acronym decoded, reads: “Stopping Appealing Flavors in E-Cigarettes for Kids” (SAFE Kids Act). Creativity at it’s finest and to the absolute fullest. Feel free to once again detect sarcasm.

The bill would place strong restrictions on eLiquid flavorings and completely ban flavors in cigars. This has become a common issue with all these flavor ban initiatives where vapor products for being deliberately grouped in with cigars and cigarettes.

Apparently, Senator Durbin says that his legislation would require companies to prove that their products are not geared toward younger people and he hopes to have his bill on the floor this week.

Also, it was reported that less than two weeks ago the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, along with eight other Attorney Generals urged the FDA to ban flavored tobacco products immediately.

Durbin will introduce the SAFE Kids Act with U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in Washington, showing how his attempt is a bipartisan measure being made at the Federal level.

Flavor Bans in Vaping

Due to the fact that flavor bans are by far the most crucial issue that the vape community should be following and fighting, there will be more information on the many complications involved in these flavor bans spreading uncontrollably.

There is a lot that goes into these acts of installing prohibition-like laws. Basically, there is far too much identity politics being played behind the scenes in order to pass these provisions. In addition, flavor bans and banning tobacco entirely seem to also be occurring on college campuses now.

In retrospect, there will be regular updates on these U.S. flavor bans, whether they are based in local municipalities or at the federal level — there will be reliable information published by Vaping Post in the future

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