The Taifun look

The GT is a new addition to the Nautilus range. Of course, it takes over the coils of which it is rightly renowned for its flavours and its pleasant vapor production. Produced in collaboration with Taifun, the brand of the German SmokerStore, it borrows its characteristic design.

Technical data

Diameter 24 mm
Height 54
Capacity 3 ml
Weight 76 g
Filling From the top
Coils Nautilus
Usage range 10-35 W
Airflow Adjustable
Drip Tip 510
Materials inox, Ultem


The Taifun look

The appearance of Nautillus GT is that of the Taifun without the slightest ambiguity. It is 24 mm in diameter for a respectable height of 54 mm, dimensions that would make one hope for a capacity greater than the 3 ml of liquid contained in the tank.

Filling is facilitated by a quick opening. All you have to do is align the two reference points and pull the top cap. It is still necessary to tighten the upper part of the tank to avoid that it comes with the top cap during the operation. Once the assembly is lubricated by the liquid, the system is perfect.

The filler openings are a bit recessed, which complicates things a bit with thick bottle caps. Nothing serious though, even if the operation is a little easier with a thin bottle ends that plunge directly into the tank.

The top cap is a special feature as it includes the upper part of the chimney. It looks almost symmetrical when viewed in profile, but in use it makes no noticeable difference.

The air flow is adjusted in 5 notched positions which increase the opening from 2.5 to 1 mm. This makes it possible to adjust it to the resistance and the power used, and the mechanism is pleasant and qualitative. The air flow is pleasant from reasonably restrictive direct inhalation to MTL without going to the most restrictive in this register. A position at 0.7 or 0.8 mm would have been more interesting than the fully closed position available.
The Nautilus Valve

Unsurprisingly, the clearomizer is a Nautilus. One would be tempted to say like the others, and that’s great news. It uses the resistors of the range whose success is well deserved.

It comes with a 0.7 ohm resistor for a direct inhalation restrictive vape between 20 and 25 W, and a 1.6 ohm resistor for the MTL between 7 and 11 W. They are both excellent in their register, whether for steam production, flavour rendering or hit. The other references available for the whole range can also be installed.

The collaboration with Taifun brings to this clearomizeur the design of the German brand, but we have a little difficulty to find its influence beyond that, whether it is on the quality of realization that Aspire largely masters or the steam approval. Two points that once made the reputation of SmokerStore. The Nautilus GT does not vape better or worse than other clearomizers that use Nautilus resistors, nor is it better realized than most of Aspire’s other products. This does not make it any less an excellent product!
In summary

We like

  • Manufacturing quality
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility of the Nautilus
  • Coils quality
  • Price

We don’t like

  • E-liquid capacity (a little tight for the volume)


Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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aspire-nautilus-gt-reviewThe Nautilus GT is first and foremost an Aspire Nautilus with the typical Taifun design. It uses the excellent coils of the range and offers a real pleasure of vape. Well done, it could have had a better capacity given its size. An excellent clearomizer anyway.