Vaporesso, a major vape brand, has launched a public service campaign promoting the support of the vaping community.

Vaporesso, the major Chinese vape brand, has released an inspiring video entitled “Together We Can!” on its YouTube channel, notes a press release. The video, according to the press release, is intended to boost confidence and unity in the global vaping community. Further, the video highlights the company’s efforts to assist vape shop owners worldwide, amid heightened regulatory scrutiny and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are moments in life that test your resolve,” states the one-minute video.

The company also noted that it’s Vaporesso Power Shop initiative is also at the center of its efforts to improve the global industry, including cooperation, shops, and consumers.

The program also supports vape shops with marketing and sales, and COVID-19 PPE supplies. “Vape shops within the community may also choose to help each other and grow together,” the company says.

“The video reflects the journey we’ve gone through with our vape shop partners in the past year,” said Simon Lai, the chief executive of Vaporesso, in the same press release. “There are pain and gain, tough times and achievements. However, our vape shop partners are never alone. There are thousands of friends and partners supporting and empowering each other in the Vaporesso Power Shop community.”

“We’ve gone through 2020 by supporting each other, and we firmly believe that our community will become even stronger and see a brighter year in 2021,” said Lai.

Vape Brand Vaporesso on Going Through the PMTA Process


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