The businesses in question are JUUL Labs Inc.; R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company; Fontem US LLC; Logic Technology Development LLC; and NJOY LLC, and the FTC said the aim is to gather information from 2019 and 2020, including annual data on sales and giveaways of e-cigarettes, whilst analysing products’ specifications such as flavours.

Similarly, the FTC issued requests for such data from earlier years as part of its ongoing study of the U.S. e-cigarette market. The agency said the aim is trying to better understand the rapidly growing vape market.

FDA issues warning letters

Meanwhile last September, the FDA issued warning letters to ten vape businesses, insisting they stop selling flavoured disposable vape devices and youth-appealing e-liquids, which have not yet been granted the required pre-market authorization.

Data released last Summer, from a national survey had indicated a significant drop in teen vaping rates. On the other hand, the report showed an increase in the use of disposable e-cigarettes, which is believed to result from the fact that the ban on flavours exempts disposable products.

Concerns about disposable e-cigs

Before the release of this data, the FDA had already sent warning letters to ten vape businesses including Cool Clouds Distribution Inc. (Puff Bar), asking them to remove their flavoured disposable e-cigarettes off the market.

“The FDA continues to prioritize enforcement against e-cigarette products, specifically those most appealing and accessible to youth,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn. “We are concerned about the popularity of these products among youth and want to make clear to all tobacco product manufacturers and retailers that, even during the ongoing pandemic, the FDA is keeping a close watch on the marketplace and will hold companies accountable.”

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