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Launched in 2015, the brand Juul has been a phenomenal success. It was quickly adopted by hundreds of thousands of Americans, but later found itself at the centre of numerous scandals. Several American health organisations have accused the pod giant of causing the increase in the number of young vapers in the United States.

A manufacturer that is the victim of its own success?

The Juul e-cigarette is hugely popular in the United States and has been the subject of many articles here at the Vaping Post. With comprehensive tests, FAQs, user guides and more, we’re here to help you get the most from your Juul and understand how it works.

Our reporters also give you all the latest news about the brand. Like every really successful product, Juul has its fans and its critics.

Whether it’s about Juul’s success or its ongoing problems, one thing is certain: we haven’t heard the last about this pod market leader.

Juul on Netflix, the perfect series to scare yourself at Halloween?

Level of Netflix documentaries hits a low Last year, Netflix produced a docuseries in three one-hour episodes on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight...

Juul’s Next-Gen Device Is A Sign of Progress

Juul Labs is back with a new closed-system pod device that it calls a solution to address a variety of issues, like youth uptake...

Juul Investors Bail Out The Brand to Avoid Bankrupcy

Juul plans to lay off about a third of its global staff.Juul has recently agreed to pay $438.5 million to settle a multi state...

New US Study Analysed the Link Between Juul Sales and Tobacco...

The fact that the arrival of Juul corresponded with an increase in vaping was not emphasized in the study.The study titled, “Daily E-cigarette Use...

Juul Labs Settles Thousands of Lawsuits

Vaping firm Juul Labs settled literally thousands of lawsuits brought by more than 10,000 complainants accusing the company of product liability and directly marketing...

Everything Wrong With the Juul Settlement

The news of the settlement with Juul Labs was not surprising. The settlement was reached among many attorneys general in dozens of U.S. states and...

The South Korea E-Cigarette/Vaping Market Report 2021

Titled, "Market Report: South Korea - A Slight Rise for E-Cigs as Smoking Falls Further", the report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s archive. While...

Study Finds Traces of Caffeine in Juul Pods

Dr. Neal Benowitz, a researcher and professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco, said that the caffeine present is in levels too...