The largest vape retailer in the United Kingdom plans to open new ‘Vape Clinics’ to help more smokers quit through the use of electronic cigarettes.

VPZ, the largest retailer of vaping products in the United Kingdom, has announced the launch of the first-ever ‘vape clinic’ to augment a “growing demand for stop smoking serverices” across the country, says a press release sent to Vaping Post by the firm.

The vape clinic concept is a means to meet the demand for stop smoking services that were limited due to the onslaught of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The company additionally notes that since vaping retailers were limited to operations during the pandemic lockdowns, thousands of people have been left without options to help them quit.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to ease up in much of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. VPZ, also now, sees this as the time to introduce the concept that is said to provide a nationwide network of “smoking cessation coaches” across the company’s entire UK retail store footprint.

VPZ says that this new model will help in “further enhancing the level of customer service and expert advice to its customer base.”

Doug Mutter, the director of VPZ, called the effort crucial in the “fight against the nation’s number one killer – smoking.”

“We are excited to be launching the Vape Clinic concept following strong demand and recognizing the need for an enhanced level of service since reopening our doors,” said Mutter. “The huge reduction in NHS stop-smoking services, through COVID-19 and local authority cuts have been devastating in the country’s efforts to reduce smoking rates.”

“Couple this with the fact that vape stores were deemed unessential has meant that rather than 2020 being the year the country makes massive strides in reducing the number of smokers – we have actually seen an increase and lost huge momentum in the UK’s ambitions to be smoke-free by 2030,” Mutter added.

VPZ is a popular brand in the United Kingdom and has earned global recognition for being one of the first major vape brands to offer vape consultancy services in NHS trust hospitals to patients and general practitioners. Keep in mind; the United Kingdom maintains that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

VPZ Bids for Essential Status

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