S 1253: “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act,” passed the house last year and subsequently signed into law by President Trump on the 27th of December. The bill banned all shipments of vaping products by the US Postal Service, and would have forced all other postal delivery services (such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL) to check IDs and obtain signatures of adults at points of delivery.

Vape mail ban delayed

However in April, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it is delaying the ban. In an exclusive to Marijuana Business Daily, a spokesperson for the USPS said that more time is required “to review how to implement the changes ordered by Congress.”

The bill would add additional burdens to an already regulated industry.
The bill was considered problematic as the adult signatures requirement would have naturally presented a set of challenges, since most deliveries happen during business hours when the majority of adults are at their place of employment. To this effect, the procurement of signatures would add additional costs, when receiving deliveries via the already more expensive private carriers.

In addition to the vaping industry, the cannabis industry was also growing concerned, as the measure would have naturally affected also cannabis vape products. “To the extent that they are participants in the industry who are selling vape products, it absolutely affects them,” explained North Carolina cannabis attorney Rod Kight, back in March.

The legal cannabis industry already has age restrictions in place

Industry insiders have pointed out that the restrictions enforced by this bill are no different than those that the legal cannabis industry already has in place, however, they would add additional burdens. “A lot of them are doing age verification already,” said Kight before the delay was announced. “For some, this is going to be a larger project to take on.”

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Joshua Bradberry
Joshua Bradberry
10 months ago

Ban vapes? Why don’t we ban cigarettes while we are at it smh stupid idiots running this country