New Zealand’s largest licenced medicinal cannabis company, Helius Therapeutics, has just announced the exclusive partnership with DATAPHARM, which aims to deliver leading prescriber education programmes and resources.

Registration will be available to all patients and the public, and will be free for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.
“We know enhancing prescriber knowledge is key to ensuring greater patient access to medicinal cannabis. Helius is steadfastly committed to education and so we’re thrilled to once again be collaborating with the best in the business,” said Helius Therapeutics’s CEO, Carmen Doran.

DATAPHARM has worked closely with the medicinal cannabis sector for the past three years, with Director Mark Morrison consulting to Helius since late 2020. “There has been a vacuum of information in the medicinal cannabis space which our exclusive partnership with DATAPHARM now comprehensively fills. It’s an exciting development for the industry and most importantly patients, with Helius pleased to take the lead,” said Doran.

Registrations to the newly-built are strongly encouraged, and will be available to all patients and the public, with registration free for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

NZ medicinal cannabis conference- MedCan 2021

Meanwhile, registrations have also been opened for the local medicinal cannabis conference- MedCan 2021. “Academics, researchers, government officials, doctors, businesspeople, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, growers, and patients cannot afford to miss October’s MedCan Summit 2021. It marks the sunrise industry’s true starting line, as local producers are taking positive steps towards being in market, says BioTechNZ,” reads a release pertaining to the Summit.

Executive Director of BioTechNZ and MedCan Summit 2021 organiser, Dr Zahra Champion, said that with over $100 million invested in the local medicinal cannabis industry “2021 is our year to shine.”

The event will connect medicine, industry, science and technology, and will feature leading international and national thought leaders. The areas covered in the discussions will include seed to sale, clinical trials, prescribing, patient case studies, as well as the social, cultural and economic benefits of the products to New Zealand.

“Local companies have been plugging away for three years now and have invested heavily. It has been a costly entrepreneurial endeavour, but Kiwi companies are on the precipice of market entry which is great news for suffering patients here and abroad,” said Champion.

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