On the event of the “Back Vaping. Beat Smoking” campaign launch last month, the World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) unveiled a new graffiti mural outside the European Parliament at the European with a clear message: 19 million lives could be saved in Europe by endorsing vaping.

The launch was attended by a number of vapers around Europe and MEP Peter Liese. Director of the WVA Michael Landl, highlighted the potential of vaping products. “Vaping has the potential to save 19 million lives in Europe. Tomorrow, the Beating Cancer Committee in the European Parliament (BECA) meets to discuss proposals to reduce the harm caused by smoking tobacco. They have the opportunity to make history and save lives IF they back vaping as a tool to beat smoking. Our message to them is clear – choose science and save lives”.

European THR tour

The bus tour will be gathering stories and testimonies form vapers and sharing them with politicians.
Subsequently as part of the campaign, an electric pink bus will be travelling across Europe through the months of August and September, with the aim of spreading the message that up to 19 million lives can be saved in Europe alone, if policymakers had to embrace the use of e-cigarettes for the purpose of tobacco harm reduction, such as in the UK. It will be gathering stories and testimonies form vapers and sharing them with politicians.

The European bus tour will launch in Barcelona at the end of August and then proceed to  Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, the UK and Switzerland. Speaking about the tour, WVA Director Michael Landl, said that the initiative aims to engage with vapers who have been feeling unheard.

“The WVA’s Vape Bus tour will visit many major European cities to meet and engage with thousands of vapers who feel their voices have been ignored. We can only make real change if we are united, as vapers, to spread the message to Back Vaping, Beat Smoking and save 19 million European lives. We will spend the rest of the year organising mass-scale grassroots activism, educational events and advocacy to encourage policy makers to Back Vaping.”

Encouraging vapers to raise their voices

In order to engage vapers, the Vape Bus will stop in iconic locations in major European cities, and organize activities which include prizes and giveaways whilst encouraging vapers to raise their voices and defend their rights as consumers.The WVA is calling on vapers and tobacco harm reduction advocates to support the campaign and help the initiative by purchasing campaign merchandise or making a donation.

WVA Urges Policymakers to Differentiate Between Vaping and Smoking

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