Eleaf is a brand known for its vaping kit for beginners. The iStick Power 2 a starter kit, but we think it will also appeal to more experienced vapers. It’s an enjoyable kit through and through.

A box and a clearomizer/pod

The iStick Power 2 kit consists of a box with a built-in 5000 mAh battery and a plastic clearomizer. Eleaf has made a great-looking box, and they’ve made sure it will work with any other clearomizer out there. It’s an interesting combo that should appeal to a lot of vapers.

Technical specs


Mod dimensions 52.5 x 25 x 83.2 mm
Mod weight 191 g
Battery size Built-in 5000 mAh battery
Charging USB-C
Maximum power 80
Max. atomizer size 26
Modes available Watts, volts, automatic
Clearomizer dimensions 26.1 x 51 mm
Clearomizer weight g
Clearomizer volume 4.5 ml
Range of use From 1 to 80 W
Filling From underneath

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • User guide

A complete and attractive kit

When you buy the iStick Power 2, you get the full package. It includes the box, the plastic clearomizer, a 510 adapter plate, two coils, a cable and the manual.

The beautiful box is the main reason to get this kit. It’s compact and has a built-in 5000 mAh battery. That is easily enough battery to last a whole day. Stitched leather covers most of the outside of the box. The leather feels nice to hold, and it is complemented by a beautiful aluminium finish.

The front features a colour TFT screen, a large fire button and two control buttons. All in all, it’s very enjoyable to use, and the buttons fit snugly into their housing. The screen’s bright enough to read easily in direct sunlight. One side of the box has a USB-C port for charging the battery. It’s in a practical, user-friendly place, so you can use the box at the same time if you need to.

There’s a 510 pin on top, near the front of the box, so you can use any atomizer up to 26 mm in diameter. The versatility of this kit is great. You can use it as a beginner’s kit to start with, but easily transition to more advanced clearomizers later.

The box combines gorgeous, well-planned design with technically perfect production.

The kit includes the brand’s GTL clearomizer/pod system. This consists of a base with a 510 connector and a plastic cartridge, and is superbly easy to use.

You insert the coil via the base of the cartridge, and it’s so easy to do – you just push to slide it in or out. You fill it with liquid through a hole with a rubber stopper. A lot of brands use this system and it works really well.

The 510 base is magnetic, so the cartridge fits on simply and effectively. This base has two large adjustable air flows with one large hole and some smaller holes. These let you fine tune the air flow with precision, so you can change from MTL (indirect inhalation, into the mouth then the lung, like a cigarette) to very airy DL (direct inhalation into your lungs) vaping.

The GTL system works well and doesn’t leak. The magnet is strong enough that the cartridge won’t detach when you’re least expecting it.

Overall, the kit is really well built and Eleaf knows what vapers like. They’ve announced the release of a dual battery version in the next few weeks for people who don’t want a built-in battery.

Fine flavours

The GTL clearomizer/pod and the coils that come in the box give you a good idea of what you can get from this kit. The 0.4 ohm resistor is really intended for direct inhalation. It’s better if you restrict the air intake a little to improve flavour. The second one is 0.8 ohm and is specifically intended for restricted direct inhalation or even light indirect inhalation. In both cases, the consumables are good quality and heat-resistant, and it doesn’t leak.

The Eleaf range includes 1.2 ohm coils that are clearly only intended for MTL. They round off the brand’s broad range of products. That means there’s something for every vaper, whether you prefer a tight or an airier vape.

This box works perfectly

The iStick Power 2 is not just aesthetically pleasing – it’s effective too. With a maximum power of 80W, it has three operating modes: power, volts and smart. The most popular mode, and the one you get when you first turn it on is “smart”. It calculates the coil value and adapts the power it supplies. Whereas some smart modes systematically use the low end of the power range, the iStick Power 2 hits that sweet spot in the middle. That’s going to deliver interesting flavours right off the bat.

The chipset in the box is very easy to use. To access the menu, just press and hold the control buttons for a few seconds. You can then set the mode, reset the number of puffs, change the screen colour or go back to the factory settings. It’s really basic, but that’s more than enough for most users.


What we like

  • Perfect design
  • A simple, practical chipset
  • An effective starter kit
  • Two coils in the box for two vaping styles
  • Great battery life

What we don’t like

  • Nothing


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Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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