In a recent press release, the UKVIA explained that the webinar came in response to multiple reports of illegal actions conducted by members of the vape industry in the UK, which are of course throwing a bad light on the rest of the industry.

“With raids increasing across the country to seize non-compliant and counterfeit vaping products and growing media reports that disposable devices are being sold illegally to minors, this session will explore how the industry can hit back and protect its hard earnt reputation which is being threatened by rogue traders along the supply chain – from unscrupulous distributors to retailers.”

The webinar will provide a platform to discuss these issues in detail. “This webinar will bring together regulators, the vaping industry, the education sector and the retail market to ensure collective action against those intent on breaking the law when it comes to the sale of vape products.”

The Launch of VApril 2021

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