Discretion and efficiency

The Beco Beak 600 and 700 are very similar. Only the format allows you to tell them apart. The amount of liquid the two disposables contains is similar but the battery life is different. The Beco Beak 600 has 400 mAh whereas the Beco Beak 700 has a 500 mAh battery.

Technical specs

Puff weight g
Charging Non-rechargeable
Battery 400 mAh
Tank capacity 2ml
Number of puffs 600

What’s in the box?

  • Puff
  • User guide

Compact and reliable

The Beco Beak 600 and 700 are designed for indirect inhalation (first into the mouth then into the lungs, like a tobacco cigarette). With a 1.6 ohm coil, vapour production is contained. With this product, the manufacturer is aiming to offer a disposable enabling the user to quit smoked tobacco and therefore avoid its harmful effects on health. The least you can say is that this disposable is a real success.


The mouthpiece is moulded on the disposable. It is flattened in shape, a bit like a recorder. It is pleasant to use and the shape used by the manufacturer doesn’t feel that different to a classic drip tip. The battery body is cylindrical, giving an excellent grip. The format of both the Beco Beak 600 and 700 models is a real success and you can slip your disposable into a pocket or bag without it getting in the way. The two-tone design is not unlike a lipstick tube. Telling the 600 from the 700 is quite easy. The Beco Beak 700 is a bit taller and has a coloured ring on the bottom part.

The Beco Beak models come in sealed plastic wrapping. The disposable is then placed in a rather understated box bearing the name of the model, the chosen flavour and the number of puffs available.


There is a manual which reminds the user of the various safety warnings. The disposable is for adults only, according to the applicable regulations in each country.

Something to note is that in the user manual, the manufacturer advises users to recycle the disposable once it is finished. This is a very good point which shows that Beco Vape is concerned about environmental issues, a sensitive subject when it comes to disposables.

Under the Beco Beak is a little LED which lights up when the vaper inhales and indicates that the disposable is working properly.

The battery life of both the Beco Beak 600 and 700 is more than enough to vape the 2ml they contain. You start to run out of e-liquid before the battery gets flat. We find it surprising that the model with the larger battery contains the same amount of liquid as the one with 100 mAh less. We would have liked to have a larger volume to really make the most of the 700 puffs.

When it comes to vaping, it’s a very pleasant surprise. The flavours work well and aren’t too sweet. The hit is gentle and delivers the nicotine perfectly for someone trying to quit smoking.

The automatic draw is particularly responsive and we didn’t notice any latency between inhalation and production of the vapour. This is an excellent point for beginners looking for a simple device that doesn’t need any adjustments but, most importantly, is responsive.

The Beco Beaks are great disposables which are discreet, efficient and offer balanced liquids. A must-have for all fans of disposables!

In summary

 What we like

  • Discreet
  • Efficient
  • Environmental commitment of the manufacturer
  • Vapour quality
  • Great flavours

 What we don’t like

  • Not enough e-liquid in the 700-puff version
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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review-beco-beak-600-700-beco-vapeThe Beco Beaks 600 and 700 are great disposables. No settings to worry about, just inhale to produce fine, top-quality vapour with accurate flavours. We like the overall harmony of the disposable. Our only gripe is that the 600-puff and 700-puff versions have the same amount of e-liquid.