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How do I repair my Vype e-cigarette that doesn’t charge anymore?

  1. Clean the connectors

    Start by checking that no dust, drops of e-liquid or other dirt is preventing a good connection between the USB cable and the battery.

  2. Check the charging cable

    Try using a different cable to charge your Vype if the first step doesn’t solve the problem.

  3. Change the adapter

    If you are using a mains adapter, change it for a different one. For example, you can try using your telephone’s adapter.

  4. Contact your dealer

    If none of the previous steps have enabled you to repair your Vype e-cigarette, contact your dealer. It may be a manufacturing fault.

Check the contacts

To charge your ePod, you need to plug the cable provided into an adapter or computer USB port, and simply insert the battery in the housing provided at the other end of the cable. The indicator light shows the charging status. If it remains off, the battery is not receiving any power and is therefore not charging.

The most common reason is a dust particle, e-liquid or any other element coming between the battery contacts and those of its housing on the cable. This cuts off the contact and electricity can no longer pass through. You can dislodge them by blowing sharply if the impurity is visible. Then clean gently with a soft brush and clean the contacts thoroughly with a cloth soaked in a small amount of alcohol to remove any grease.

Cable and adapter

Charging should work again once the contacts are clean. Otherwise, you will need to have a look at the device. The fault may come from the cable, the adapter or the battery itself.

Start by testing the charging on another adapter or computer USB port. If the device charges as normal, your adapter or your initial USB port is at fault, though this is a rare occurrence.

To test the cable, you will need another one. If the device charges as normal with another cable, your cable is at fault. Try this out at your retailer if you only have one cable, but cable faults are also rare.

The last possibility remains the least pleasant, since it involves a defect on your battery itself. Here again, the best way to confirm this is to charge another battery with your cable. If it charges as normal, your battery is at fault and needs to be replaced.

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