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My Vype ePod won’t charge

Time needed: 3 minutes. How do I repair my Vype e-cigarette that doesn’t charge anymore? Clean the connectors Start by checking that no dust, drops of e-liquid or...

Tobacco Giant BAT Attracts 1.4m New Vype Users Within Three Months

As BAT seeks to make cigarette alternatives profitable by 2025, it’s shares have gained more than 2% in early stock market trading, after it...

BAT Integrates Its UK E-Cigarette Line: Vype Becomes Vuse

Vuse was designed with sustainabilty in mind. It’s packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, while the ePod device kits and pod packs are...

Flying with a Vype ePod

The Vype ePod contains a battery and e-liquid, like all e-cigarettes. An obvious detail that involves certain restrictions when flying. Find out about your destination Before...

Is the tank on the Vype ePod refillable?

The Vype ePod has a high cost of use. For this reason, you may be tempted to refill tanks yourself to benefit from the...

Where can you source the Vype ePod?

Vype e-cigarettes are widely distributed. Therefore, you will have no difficulty sourcing the ePod. All the same, below is some advice to help you...

My Vype ePod is leaking

E-liquid leakages are relatively rare with Vype ePod capsules. However, rare does not mean that they can't happen — below you will find how...

The vapour from my Vype ePod is not strong enough

The Vype ePod is very easy to use and highly portable. However, you may find its vapour too mild, and lacking in strength in...