A pharma regulator confiscates liquids from a Malaysian vape shop earlier today.

MVCC secretary general Ridhwan Rosli said these actions are being conducted to put pressure on the industry, as it recently disagreed with the MoH’s proposal to regulate vapes in the same way as cigarettes. The raids and seizures have affected many small and medium-sized vape businesses in the Klang Valley, resulting in revenue losses in the millions.

The proposed GEG (Generation End Game) bill is currently being refined by the parliamentary Special Select Committee (PSSC). “The industry supports the government in developing regulations for the vape industry and we welcome the move to review and refine the Bill by PSSC,” said Rosli.

“Regulations is something that the industry has been looking forward to for years and it just needs to be refined, especially in relations to certain items that are important for the future of the vape industry,” he added.

Similarly, president of the Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) Rizani Zakaria said that the series of raids carried out by the authorities confused the industry because they are not in line with what the government previously announced, and are resulting in many suffering losses. “The Bill is currently delayed because it needs to be refined and discussed again as announced by the health minister. So, do not raid and seize from the vape industry to the point that vape entrepreneurs become victims and have to bear the loss,” he said.

Rizani said a raid on an industry that is willing to be regulated only affects the industry. “The MoH should issue regulatory guidelines while waiting for the Bill to be re-introduced. This will allow the industry to guidelines on regulations as well as allow the industry to be prepared when the legislative process is implemented,” he said.

The bill disregards the science in favour of safer nicotine alternatives

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) has recently also spoken out against proposed vape restrictions, saying that they will stand in the way of Tobacco Harm Reduction.

The FPMPAM says that this bill disregards overwhelming scientific data in favour of the benefits of safer nicotine alternatives for tobacco harm reduction. The group went on to cite the UK’s Royal College of Physicians which has consistently recommended the use of the products for smoking cessation and/or harm reduction.

The physicians’ association has criticised the government’s proposed prohibition on the promotion of vape or e-cigarettes as a harm reduction alternative to smoking tobacco. “The Bill seems to have totally disregarded the overwhelming scientific data that THR can work with the proper regulatory framework in place,” said FPMPAM president Dr Steven Chow in a recent statement.

In fact, a recent report by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians (RCP), has reiterated that e-cigarettes appeared to be effective when used by smokers as a smoking cessation tool. “There is a need for regulation to reduce direct and indirect adverse effects of e-cigarette use, but this regulation should not be allowed significantly to inhibit the development and use of harm-reduction products by smokers,” said the RCP.

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