The regulator started the investigation based on the fact that YHN products listed “artificial flavors” as an ingredient. Upon examining one of the products, the OLCC found that the cartridge contained soybean oil. The compound contains triglycerides, which are prohibited in vape products.

To this effect, customers who have purchased the products have been asked to either return them to the OLCC-licensed retailer they purchased them from or destroy them, while consumers with health-related concerns about the recalled products have been advised to contact the Oregon Poison Center at 800-222-1222 or their medical provider.

Ketene as a byproduct of Vitamin E Acetate

Meanwhile, a recent study by Portland State University’s Robert Strongin, discussed the formation of the gas ketene, when cannabinoid acetates in cannabis vapes are heated. It is now a known fact that the infamous vape-related lung injury EVALI was being caused by the inhalation of vitamin e acetate found in illicit cannabis vaping products.

A new study by Portland State University’s Robert Strongin, doctoral student Kaelas Munger, and Robert Jense, reported that ketene is to blame, a toxic gas that is formed when vitamin e acetate is heated.

The researchers aimed to identify precisely how much ketene was produced from a single puff of cannabis vapes. They focused on certain cannabinoid acetates such as the unregulated Delta 8 THC acetate. They found that ketene is found at lower temperatures than previously thought.

“The thing we’re most concerned about is prolonged exposure — we don’t know what that is,” Munger explained. “That’s why papers like ours are needed. Otherwise people would be exposed to this really toxic substance and it’s really impossible to look for the evidence,” explained Munger in a university press statement.

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US Authorities Crack Down on Illicit THC Cartridges


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