Pod or box

At first sight, the Aegis Eteno reminds you of a box with its clearomizer. However, it’s a pod with a magnetic tank on top. Pod or box? It’s up to you to choose which category it belongs to. Whatever you decide, the Aegis Eteno means you can enjoy high-power vaping for huge vapour production.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions 134.5×39.56x33mm
Pod weight 150g
Charging USB-C, external charger
Range of use 50 to 70W
Tank capacity 4.5ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Back to basics

The first models in the Aegis collection were considered to be particularly robust. Popular for their superb sturdiness, Aegis boxes were more than capable of standing up to the challenges of everyday life. Although these new products are still robust, they have less protection. With the Aegis Eteno, Geekvape offers a combination of robustness and design.

Protected by thick layers of rubber, the pod is well able to withstand being dropped. The look has not been forgotten and is inspired by more recent models.

On the side of the box is the little switch used to lock the box in a fraction of a second.

The use of faux leather confirms the brand’s desire to create a robust, easy-to-maintain box. This doesn’t mean the finish is not top quality, with stitching all around the cover. The overall level of finish is flawless. There is no sharp plastic and no issues with the fit.

The Aegis Eteno uses an 18650 battery. The battery compartment is accessed via a cap screwed onto the bottom of the pod. A ring lifts up to help screwing and unscrewing. The Aegis Eteno is dust-proof, splash-proof and sand-proof. The battery space is therefore sealed and doesn’t have degassing holes. The pod still has all the standard protection featured on current vaping devices.

On the front is a colour screen. There is also a fire button and a settings button, plus a USB-C port for updating the electronics and charging. The edge of the pod is completely encased in thick, flexible plastic which absorbs impacts in case of falls. The Aegis Eteno is the ideal pod for situations where it is often likely to be dropped.

The Eteno is fitted with the AS Chip 3 proprietary chipset. There are plenty of comprehensive menus. It has a Smart mode which adjusts and offers the right power for the coil detected. The vaper can also use variable wattage, temperature control and curves. These last functions are not really useful on a pod. But that’s if you overlook the possibility of transforming your pod into a box with the use of an optional 510 adapter. You can then combine the Aegis Eteno with your favourite RTA, for example. The pod offers a maximum power of 100W. With an 18650 battery, this power is too high to have any hope of conserving your battery life.

The top of the pod has a recess to fit the dedicated cartridge. It is held in place by a powerful circular magnet. During our tests, we didn’t notice any lateral play or looseness. If it suffers a heavy fall, the cartridge comes off the pod, which seems perfectly normal, but doesn’t split or break.

The cartridge used with the Aegis Eteno offers a comfortable capacity of 4.5ml. Geekvape is probably the world specialist in top airflow devices. The tank adopts this feature for an energetic, leakproof vape.

The opening to cool the coil (the airflow) is on the top of the cartridge. The air is directed towards the bottom via the channels on the side. The inlet orifice is wide and the quantity of air can be modulated via a moveable ring. Its rotation is ideal, not too stiff or too loose.

To fill the tank with e-liquid, the top part is removed from the rest of the cartridge by twisting through a 1/4 turn. Knurling all around the edge of the part makes it easy to turn. The filling holes to pour in the 4.5ml of liquid are large and impressive. Almost all sizes of bottle tip can be used. The drip tip is an 810 and can be replaced with a standard model. It feels great to vape with and produces nice clouds.

To change the coil, simply pull on the old one to remove it. It only takes a few seconds to change. Two flat sections means it can only be inserted one way round. A set of seals ensure there are no leaks and keep the coil firmly in place in the tank. We didn’t notice any leaks or signs of seepage at any time during our tests. Once again, Geekvape expertise is there, with a reliable, quality product.

Two coils are supplied in the box. The P series coils are made of Kanthal mesh. The 0.4 ohm coil is designed for use between 50 and 60W whereas the 0.2 ohm coil requires 60 to 70W. In both cases, you get plenty of great vapour. Like every time you use these coils, the flavours are superb. It’s dense, sustained and a true reproduction of the aromatic profile of the liquid. Your Aegis Eteno can be equipped with other P Series coil models, with 5 different ohm values.


 What we like

  • Coil
  • Comprehensive chipset
  • Versatility
  • Vape quality

 What we don’t like

  • Battery not really adapted to high power

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Price-quality ratio
E-liquid consumption
Manufacturing quality
Vape quality
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review-e100-aegis-eteno-geekvapeThe E100 Aegis Eteno is a robust pod for the production of huge clouds with direct-to-lung vaping. It’s leakproof and can easily withstand the knocks of daily life. With a capacity of 4.5ml, it offers long vaping sessions. The use of a 18650 battery limits the battery life at high power.