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Review: The FEELM Max disposable solution – Feelm

The new disposable from Feelm follows in the footsteps of previous models. It also features porous ceramic technology, so it makes high-quality vapour without any loss of flavour. It’s a reliable, high-quality product.


An impressive disposable

Feelm has been demonstrating just how well it makes porous ceramic coils for a good
while now. They have really perfected their system and it has a lot going for it. They’ve
done away with nasties like that burnt taste we’ve all had with a vape at the end of its
life. That’s a real plus point, as there’s no need to over-flavour e-liquids to stop them

Technical specs

Mod dimensions 118 mm x 16 mm
Mod weight 29, 4 gr
Battery size Built-in, 550mAh
E-Liquid capacity  2ml
Nicotine Strenght 2 %

What’s in the box?

○ Puff

The slogan “The Ultimate Sensation” is printed on the disposable. This wording really
sets the tone and Feelm has risen effortlessly to the challenge. This device is clearly
superior to the other products on the market – it’s a successful, high-performance
product. The disposable is tube-shaped and fits easily into your pocket. You can only
make vapour by inhaling. The lack of any buttons or settings makes it particularly easy
to use.

The disposable is also marked with the flavour of e-liquid it contains and the nicotine
level. This one has 20mg/ml of nicotine salts. The hit feels mild, but you can feel the
effects of the nicotine almost immediately. The printed text is discreet, but legible
enough to read the flavour at a glance. The high-quality finish is flawless.

The mouthpiece has a flattened shape, like a recorder. It feels great to vape with. The
mouthpiece is long enough that the vapour doesn’t come out hot or even lukewarm,
which is ideal for fruity and fresh flavours. The Feelm Max contains 2 ml of liquid. The
550 mAh battery and very tight MTL draw make for an enjoyable and long enough vaping
experience. You won't have to buy a disposable every day to get the most out of it.

When it comes to vaping, this disposable stands out from the crowd. It delivers delicate,
clear flavours without them being overpowering. The tight draw comes very close to the
feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. It's crisp and clear from start to finish. The
porous ceramic coil guarantees flavour consistency from the moment you open your
disposable until you throw it away. We didn’t notice any loss of sensation, and saw no
leaks or problems with the electronics. It’s the perfect product for fans of disposables
looking for a high-end product.


What we like

○ Fires automatically
○ Quality of flavour
○ Coil performance
○ Quality of finish

What we don’t like

○ Nothing

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review-the-feelm-max-disposable-solution-feelmThe FEELM Max disposable solution is a great way to start vaping, or for any situation where you need to vape discreetly but want a high nicotine level. It’s easy to use and there are no fiddly settings. We love the porous ceramic coil that delivers perfect flavour with every puff.