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IBVTA criticises latest e-cig advertising restrictions

An article published on the IBVTA’s website earlier this month, pointed out that from now on it will no longer be possible to advertise...

Have your say : Allegheny County’s proposed vaping ban

Over thirty people spoke at this public hearing, naming the pros and cons that in their opinions would come about as a result of...

About the e-liquid flavour ban in Wales

At the end of last January, the Welsh government’s health agency issued a statement saying that although vaping is safer than smoking, “ 'Confectionary-like'...

Was the BBC’s article about snus just a well timed piece?

Snus is a tobacco product which is very popular in Sweden and Norway, and is considered to be an effective harm reduction product which...

Exploring ‘Extinction Therapy’

Addiction researchers say that in smokers, triggers in the surroundings, such as the sight of a packet of cigarettes, have become linked to the...

Hawaii Authorities propose e-cig tax

An article published yesterday on Hawaii News Now, said that Trish La Chica, policy director at The Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii, feels...

Revision of the Tobacco Excise Directive : Have your Say

Many Health experts and anti-tobacco organizations have spoken up about the consequences that would come about with the implementation of this tax, with many...

Philippines : Anti-tobacco organization asks for e-cig regulations

The NVAP is a tobacco control, persons with disability and cancer prevention advocacy group based in the Philippines. To support his argument, the organization’s...

Considered a criminal for quitting smoking via e-cigs

In an article published on News.Com last week, the Australian celebrity said that after smoking for 25 years and feeling torn between his addiction...

NNA Australia’s real battle begins now

Last August, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), who is a non profit organization that supports tobacco harm reduction strategies, was amongst those who submitted...