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The CDC Finally Confirms That EVALI is Caused by Illegal THC...

In a post on his blog page, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s  School of Public Health, Dr. Michael...

UK: Detailed TPD implementation plan

The UK's implementation plan has been released today and is also available in pdf version. A few extracts related to e-cigarettes are available below....


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New Taipei: First City in Taiwan to Ban E-Cigarette Sales

The new ordinance bans the importation, sale, manufacture, display or advertising of vaping and heated tobacco products and their components. However individuals in possession...

US: The FDA is Considering Setting a Nicotine Cap For Cigarettes

In December 2020, Health Canada proposed setting in place a nicotine limit of 20 milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) for all vaping products. Referring to...

Finland to Set in Place Tighter Tobacco Regulations

Finland was expected to be the first EU member state to become smoke-free, but Sweden got there first by endorsing the use of snus....