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The CDC Finally Confirms That EVALI is Caused by Illegal THC...

In a post on his blog page, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s  School of Public Health, Dr. Michael...

A chemist’s advice: Don’t Dry-Burn your coil

A dry burn takes place when a lot of power is applied to a bare coil in order to heat it and "clean it...

Latest Study: No lung damage reported following long term daily vaping

The study was conducted by the renowned Professor Polosa, who is Director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Anti Smoking Center at the University...

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Unix Starter Kit – Univapo review

Univapo is a manufacturer with a somewhat low profile in Europe. The Unix Starter Kit is designed for beginners and newcomers to vaping seeking...
Geyser S Vapx

Geyser S – VapX review

The VapX Geyser S is the manufacturer's second model. Smaller and more lightweight than its predecessor, it retains the qualities of the Geyser, but...
Virus atom

Liability Claims That Vaping Exacerbates COVID-19 Currently Do Not Hold Up In U.S. Courts

A variety of peer-reviewed studies argue the connection between the use and behavior of vaping products and devices and how such activities can exacerbate...