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kit Veco One – Vaporesso

Very compact but perfectible The kit Veco One is a tubular electronic cigarette with a length of only 10.8 cm for 22 mm in diameter....

PockeX Pocket AIO – Aspire

More simplicity To appeal to smokers, Aspire made several simplifications that perfectly fit to the PockeX. Its use has been simplified: filing, firing and vaping. In consequence,...

Luméa – J Well

With a height of 116 mm a width of 19 mm, Luméa is kind of a flattened tubular kit. Dual advantage of this design:...

Preview: PockeX Pocket AIO – Aspire

The PockeX Pocket AIO is a 12 cm long tubular mod with a diameter lawer than 2 cm. With 1500 mAh, the autonomy of...