Very compact but perfectible

The kit Veco One is a tubular electronic cigarette with a length of only 10.8 cm for 22 mm in diameter. It is composed of a 1 500 mAh battery and of a clearomizer Veco Tank with 2 ml capacity. Vaporesso includes in this pack two EUC series resistances in 0.3 Ω, one in ceramic, the other in Clapton.
The battery is very simple. The square Fire switch jiggles when shaking the battery, unfortunately. At the opposite side, one finds the USB plug to charge the battery. It is also equipped with a 510 connection on the top to screw a clearomizer. The finish is in brushed stainless steel. Veco One’s usability is rather good and its compact size makes it a good choice of device to be taken everywhere.

Bad news: no Passthrough mode

With 1 500 mAh, the Veco One’s battery autonomy is not an asset. It is difficult to vape all day long with 0.3 Ω resistances, especially when there is not Passthrough mode that would allow charging the battery when vaping. This is surprising and regrettable since most of the devices on the market possess this function. You must then unplug the USB each time you puff on the Veco One. Not that easy.

Another issue is the LED that surrounds the power switch and indicates the battery charge. It starts blinking at when the remaining charge comes lower than 10 % and continues to blink until the battery is flat. It is too bad since the brand doesn’t offer a Passthrough mode.

Technical review

The technical features of Vaporesso’s kit Veco One are:

  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Length: 108 mm
  • Battery alone: 64 mm
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Built-in battery: 1 500 mAh
  • USB charging
  • Maximum power: 40 W
  • Minimum resistance: 0.3 Ω
  • Material: Pyrex (tank), Stainless steel and Delrin (drip-tip)
  • Connectivity: 510
  • Top Airflow, adjustable
  • Top filling
  • Colors : Black or Silver

The Veco One package includes:

  • 1x Veco One 1 500 mAh battery,
  • 1x Veco Tank by Vaporesso,
  • 1x Ceramic EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω preinstalled
  • 1x  Traditional Clapton EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω
  • 1x micro USB charging cable
  • 1x user manual

Veco Tank, a well designed clearomizer

The clearomizer has a dual cyclopean airflow on top of the tank, it is adjustable by rotating the ring. It is sold for its abence of leakage and I confirm that is is pleasant not to be obliged to use paper towel all the time. The draught rapidly turns to aerial but, wide open, a slight airflow restriction exists.

The drip-tip is in Delrin. It is wide (10 mm) but a bit short with the lips touching top cap. Fortunately, the connectivity in 510 allows switching to a more usable mouth piece.

To fill up the tank, you only have to grab the notched top cap on the tank. Then you can use a pipette to insert the e-liquid between the Pyrex and the chimney. It is wide enough. If the resistance is new, allow it to soak for 3 minutes before using the e-cigarette.

The resistance is easily plugged after the tank is removed, this operation requires to grab the notched base of the tank. If a resistance is in place, take it off and replace it with a new one. Just plug it in the central metallic holder, no need to screw it. If there is still some liquid inside, do the operation upside down.

Vaping: it is aerial but density and flavors are there

With Veco Vaporesso’s ceramic EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the vapor produced by the Veco is of excellent quality. The flavors are well rendered. Even with the airflow holes wide open, the flavors are just a little bit more diluted. In my expert opinion, the best setting is when the airflow holes are half open, which provides a warm vapor, dense and tasty.

With Veco Vaporesso’s Traditional Clapton EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the feeling is very close, a little bit more agressive with a more pronounced hit. Let’s recall that the EUC series resistance are relatively cheap, about € 18 for a pack of 10.

At use, it is relatively quiet provided that the airflow is not more open than one third. Beyond, it whistles. The Drip-tip doesn’t heat, even when chaining puffs, thanks to the Delrin that does the job. Vaporesso’s Veco One is then designed for aerial vaping without however being ready for cloud chasing.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Good vaping quality
  • Very compact
  • Easy to use
  • No leakage, no seepage
  • Small price
  • Small price of resistances

The “-“:

  • No Passthrough function
  • Tank capacity of 2 ml (too short for greedy coils)
  • Average finishing quality
  • Minimal drip-tip
  • Low autonomy


Rating: 3.9/5. As a whole, the kit Veco One’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages and its compactness is making is an everyday companion with a very good vaping quality for a small price. Its small autonomy is exacerbated by the absence of a Passthrough mode to vape while charging. To avoid this issue, do prefer the kit Veco One Plus that, although more bulky (24.5 mm in diameter), possesses a 3 000 mAh battery, a passthrough mode and twice the tank capacity (4 ml) of the Veco One. A “Plus” that adds coherence with low and greedy resistances.


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