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NZ: AVCA Wants Govt Official E-Cig Stance Revealed Ahead of FCTC

The meeting of the Ninth Session of Parties (COP9) of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) will take place at The Hague next...

NZ Vape Association Urges Govt. to Keep Vape Stores Open

“There’s a real risk of New Zealand’s smoking rates creeping back up if the accessibility of vaping remains reduced while tobacco products continue to...

Vaping organization in NZ registered as a charity

Why would a vaping organization be considered as a charity some might ask. In the press release to announce this event, AVCA said “This...

NZ: Legalizing liquid nicotine but in which manner?

The New Zealand Government is legalizing nicotine e-liquids for retail sale. But the process will take time and the situation in New Zealand has not changed: ...