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BAT acquires Polish e-cig business, whilst partnering with RAI

Only five years ago, Milosz Dziurlaj’s small vaping business, Chic, consisted of only nine people selling imported products to Poland’s then small vaping population....

BAT offers to buy RJ Reynolds’ remaining stake

The merger comprises BAT's offer $20 billion in cash and about $47 billion in shares of the BAT company to Reynolds American for the he acquisition of...

Hong Kong lawmakers urged to not ban e-cigs

Director in regulatory and medical affairs of Nicoventures in the Asia-Pacific region, Dr. Stephen Jenkins, is currently in Hong kong communicating with local politicians,...

Imperial Tobacco Canada aims to start selling vaping products

When questioned about the fact that the company would be selling a product that would compete with their primary source of revenue, Eric Gagnon,...

BAT claims Ecig emissions 92-99% safer than cigarettes

Public meetings offer an open tribune to scientists The Global Forum on Nicotine, held in Warsaw last June 2016, was the opportunity for stakeholders to meet...

UK: GPs not as enthusiast as Physicians about Ecigs, survey suggests

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) interprets survey data and expresses reserves about prescriptions of the e-cigarette. Conclusions are released by the professional media GPonline after MHRA granted a license to...

Representative of BAT to speak at EuroScience Open Forum 2016

Trani shared her thoughts about the negative consequences of having different rules in different jurisdictions, will have on the industry, namely on small businesses...

UK: BAT affords the Ecig manufacturer Ten Motives

A discreet transaction According to an information published by ECigIntelligence, British American Tobacco could have afforded Ten Motives, one of the most important independent e-cigarette...

Australia: Voke Inhaler, poison or drug?

Nicovations Australia, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, filed a registration request (application) for their nicotine inhaler, Voke, to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration...

BAT announces the “hybrid” ecig

A vaporizer and a diffuser of aromas Currently marketed in Romania, glo iFuse is an electronic cigarette that combines, according to the manufacturer, the advantages e-cigarette with the rendering...