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Bloomberg Invests $420 Million in More Ineffective Tobacco Control Strategies

Given the agency's hostility against tobacco harm reduction products, vape advocates sadly expect further anti-science misinformation campaigns against harm reduction, explains a press release...

Bloomberg Philanthropies Tries to Smear Philippines Vape Bill

“This latest well-timed supposed youth initiative against Senate Bill No. 2239 has the fingerprints of Bloomberg Philanthropies all over it."Last May, the House of...

CAPHRA Warns Asia Against ‘Philanthropic Colonialism’

In theory the WHO FCTC recognizes harm reduction as a core tobacco control policy, yet it fails to implement itThe phenomenon was brought to...

V4V Webinar Discusses The Distrust in Tobacco Harm Reduction Science 

The online seminar will be held on the 21st of March 2021, between 1pm and 3pm. Consumers and advocates of safer nicotine products in...

Report Funded by Bloomberg Lists Countries Affiliated With Big Tobacco

Japan and Indonesia recieved the worst ranking, in terms of being too accomodating to the tobacco industry.Released by the STOP partnership, the report was...

Philippines Lawmakers Reiterate Need For an Investigation Into FDA Funding

Last October, two members of the House of Representatives were forced to suspend public consultations on vaping and heated tobacco products, after the Philippines...

Public Health Experts Outraged by Bloomberg-Funded Biased Study

“The speculative method employed by Bath researchers has no place in any scientific study, which should make readers question any of the findings that...
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