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IBVTA reacts to Public Health Wales’ statement on sweet-flavored e-liquids

In an Open Letter to Dr Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive of Public Health Wales, the Independent British Vaping Trade Association (IBVTA) expresses concerns regarding a...

The UK Royal College of GPs inform professionals on Ecigs

With this summary, RCGP comes along with Public Health England's statement on the relative risk of e-cigarette and combustible tobacco after a survey, this year,...

Houses of Parliament report Ecig updates

The UK's Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology updates current knowledge on vaping in the country and releases its POSTnote 533. Research on e-cigarettes has been running fast since...

UK: MHRA’s guidance on TPD compliance

With the publication of the implementation plan, last week, MHRA has been designated as the competent authority for implementing the majority of provisions under Article 20 and published...

UK: Towards a progressive implementation of the TPD

In the UK , the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been responsible for overseeing vaping products. On the very official website gov.uk,...